November 30, 2006

Having problems stoping your alcohol abuse?

When an individual with an alcohol abuse problem has made a conscious decision to stop abusing alcohol, but has been unsuccessful in all attempts to do so on his own, it may become necessary to solicit help from an alcohol treatment professional.

The importance of choosing the appropriate type of treatment for an individual’s specific situation should not be underestimated.

The initial step of choosing a treatment program should ensure that the most effective treatment method is selected to fit the individual’s specific treatment needs. If an incorrect evaluation is made when selecting a treatment mode, the chances for failure increase significantly.

Alcohol treatment should address the specific needs of each individual. There are varying degrees of abuse. Some individuals may have a history of many failed attempts to end their abuse patterns. For those who fall into this category, inpatient residential treatment may prove fruitful.

Research studies show that inpatient treatment is the most successful way for individuals with multiple unsuccessful attempts at sobriety to succeed.

An alcohol treatment center is a place where an individual who has a drinking problem can receive help. Treatment means that an individual enters a program that helps them with their alcohol addiction and provides them with the tools necessary for a complete recovery.

Alcohol treatment works for many people who have problems with alcohol abuse and addiction.

But just like any other drug problem, the individual has to be committed to make a change for the better. Some people stop drinking and remain sober. Others have long periods of sobriety with bouts of relapse.

And still others cannot stop drinking for any length of time. With alcohol treatment, one thing is clear: the longer a person abstains from alcohol, the more likely he or she will be able to stay sober.

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November 29, 2006

Drinking Quote by Ann Landers

People who drink to drown their sorrow should be told that  sorrow knows how to swim.
 - Ann Landers

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November 28, 2006

Teenage smokers at higher risk of alcohol abuse

Teenage smokers are at a greater risk of alcohol abuse in later life than their non-smoking peers, says new research by the Washington University School of Medicine.

Tobacco and alcohol are two of the biggest causes of avoidable cancer. Smoking and drinking together increases the risk of developing certain cancers even more.

The researchers looked at US National Survey data on drug use and health from almost 75,000 young adults and teenagers, finding that smokers are more likely to have an alcohol-related disorder.

"In general, smokers were at more than a 50 per cent higher risk, although the differences were larger in younger adolescents and among light drinkers," said lead-author, professor Richard Grucza.

"We conclude that, although smokers do drink higher rates of alcohol, this alone does not explain their higher vulnerability to alcohol disorders."

Professor Grucza said that there was some evidence to suggest that smoking made teenagers more prone to addiction, as it stimulated the brain’s ‘reward’ receptors and may leave them more receptive to other forms of stimulation.

"Studies like this will set up an alert for those who consider adolescent smoking tolerable to rethink the issue, or perceive the problem differently," he added.

The study is published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research. Read More

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November 27, 2006

Things You Can Do When You Are Trying to Stop Drinking

If you are trying to stop drinking then there are five specific things you can do to help discontinue your bad habit. The first of these is to set up your goals.

1 - Make a list of your personal reasons for lowering your drinking intake. List the improvements that can be made in your health, appearance and image if you decrease your amount of binge drinking. Use your thoughts as a guide to setting the appropriate goals for you.

2 - Make sure you know why you are stopping drinking whether it is to stay away from drinking events, participating in controlled drinking or to completely quit all drinking. You reasons won’t be successful unless you make sure they are entirely your own and nobody else.

In order to stop drinking you need to have adequate support. Since drinking is mostly associated with social events and mainly during the holidays it is important that your friends and family realize the new rules you have regarding your personal drinking habits.

This way your family and friends can help by reducing the amount of temptations you may face at parties or get-togethers. Make sure you choose a close buddy who understands your reasons to stop drinking and supports your commitment so they can help you and make it easier on you to stop drinking.

3 - A third step to do is to take a break from drinking. At least one day a week you should try drinking no alcohol at all. After you can successfully handle this one day a week then start setting aside two days.

Gradually increase the number of days. This way you can break your large goal into smaller goals that are easier to achieve. Before you know it you will be able to stick to your larger goal of discontinuing drinking altogether.

4 - The fourth thing to do is avoid temptations. Determine when you are most likely to drink and then make up a plan to avoid them. When at home or at parties you should find a substitute drink instead of alcohol to stick with your plan. You can also replace your drinking habits with hobbies that are constructive to you personally such as exercising, reading, painting or other things.

5 - The final thing to is never give up. Stop drinking is not an easy thing to do and nobody is going to tell you its easy. Throughout your endeavor always keep in mind what your goals are and the reasons you have to stop drinking.

If you have a relapse and drink too much one night out, then don’t stop trying to reach your goal. Make sure you start your plan the next day and increase your determination to reach your ultimate goal of stopping all drinking.

If you want to control your drinking habits then you will succeed, you just have to put your whole determination into it and you will achieve what you want even if it is to stop drinking completely.

So design a plan today and you will see benefits for the rest of your life. 

Want to find more information on how to stop drinking then visit

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November 24, 2006

When Are You Going Stop?

Why teenagers should stop drinking and driving.

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November 23, 2006

Famous Quote

I am a raging alcoholic and a raging addict and I don’t want to see my kids do the same thing.
- Ozzy Osboure

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November 22, 2006

Alcoholism Recovery: 12 Steps to Stay Sober Over the Christmas Holidays

One of the most difficult times of the year for those recovering from alcoholism is the Christmas holidays. If you find yourself struggling during the Christmas season, please remember that you are not alone. Help is only a phone call or a meeting away! Here are some helpful and practical tips to keep you from taking that first drink.

1. Plan Each and Every Day of Your Holiday

Plan to spend the majority of your time with friends and family who are supportive of your recovery. If you are required to be present for a social gathering where alcohol is being served, bring a fellow AA member with you. Plan fun events and outings to replace your old drinking rituals.

2. Find an “Alkathon” in Your Area

During the Christmas season, some AA groups hold a marathon of meetings called an “Alkathon.” It is a time when the members of Alcoholics Anonymous gather together to celebrate their recovery from alcohol addiction. Many AA groups have meetings on the hour every hour to share their experience, strength and hope. If you are a member of the fellowship or think that you might have a problem with alcohol, you are welcome to attend. Check the local papers for an “Alkathon” in your area.

3. Ask for Support from Your Family and Friends

Those who are truly supportive of your recovery will be happy to help you throughout the holidays. Be up front and tell them your concerns.

4. Have a List of at Least Ten People you can call if you feel the Urge to Drink

Make a list and check it twice. Carry your cell phone and your list of names at all times. The urge to drink is very powerful and can happen at any time.

5. Don’t Forget about Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is an essential component of any balanced recovery program. If you have extra time on your hands, it is a great idea to get out and exercise. Examples include running, skating, cross country skiing, stretching, yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates or water aerobics. Instead of napping on the couch after dinner, go for a walk around the block.

6. Stay Away from Slippery Places

There is absolutely no reason to ever check out your former favorite drinking establishments. It is very likely that your old drinking buddies are still there and are still telling the same old stories.

7. Create New Traditions to replace your Old Drinking Patterns

Try something totally different during the holidays. Buy a new board game; take the family on a sleigh ride; prepare a family power point presentation. Use you imagination, be creative and have fun.

8. Write out a Daily Gratitude List

The quickest cure to get you out of the holiday blues is by counting your blessings. Be grateful for what you have by writing out a gratitude list every morning. Don’t stop writing until you have at least 10 items on your list.

9. Volunteer your Services to a Charitable Organization

There are many people in your community who are homeless and hungry. Why not volunteer to work at a soup kitchen or at a special Christmas dinner for those less fortunate than you? You will be helping not only the needy but yourself!

10. Write a Letter to yourself. How I Stayed Sober over Christmas.

The act of writing your ideas on paper is very powerful. Write down all the activities and events that will help you have healthy happy sober Christmas. Now take action on them and make this letter come true!

11. Avoid H.A.L.T.

H.A.L.T. stands for:





There are very simple solutions for all of the above items. If you are hungry, get something to eat. If you are angry, talk to somebody about it. If you are lonely, go to a meeting or call a friend. If you are tired, get a good night’s sleep.

12. Live One Day at a time and Enjoy your Sobriety!

Stay in the moment. Have present time consciousness. Be in the now. These are all different ways of telling you to live 1 day at a time. Never mind about what happened or what could happen. Enjoy today. Live today. Celebrate your sobriety!

If you follow these simple steps, it is totally feasible to stay sober over the Christmas Holidays. Take action now! Print out this article and plan a Happy and Healthy holiday season.

Dr. Larry Smith Chiropractor and Author of: Embrace the Journey of Recovery: From Tragedy to Triumph!

Embrace the Journey of Recovery will passionately reignite your spirit and teach you how to confront, conquer and powerfully triumph over any life threatening illness! Experience the remarkable story of two courageous yet ordinary individuals and their astonishing recoveries from heartbreaking tragedy. The message is simple. They transformed their lives and you can too!

To find out more about this exciting new book click here:


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November 21, 2006

Video Awarness On Drink Driving

Here’s a short 4 minute video on the after affects of Drink Drivers. 

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November 20, 2006

How Alcoholism Controls Your Life?

It happens without warning. It creeps into your life and all of a sudden, you’re hooked. At first you’re the life of the party, and later you’re the drunk of the party. When you’re young, twenties and thirties, your body can handle all the booze, no problem. But mentally it impairs the way you view and feel the world around you.

Most of the time, alcoholics don’t know that alcohol has taken hold of their life. This is called the denial stage. Alcoholics feel that if they can get up and go to work everyday, even though secretly they have an excruciating headache, they don’t have a problem.

But what keeps the alcoholic going throughout the workday is in knowing that after work, they’ll have those highballs or beers, which will in fact, make them feel like their old self again.

The problem is, that’s not our old self, but our new old self on alcohol. You see, alcohol changes the person we are inside, not only does alcohol, with time, rot our insides, but it rots what comes from within us. What we do, how we treat others, and our spirituality.

The potential to be a whole person has been put on hold because of alcohol. The booze stunts the mental capacities and impairs the ability to see the world clearly enough to get passed the weakness and mistakes we make in life.

Alcohol is not only physically addicting, but mentally addicting as well. An alcoholic might believe they feel and look better while drinking; or they might THINK they can still drive a car; they don’t realize their reflexes have slowed down; or they think they are better communicators after several martinis. But nothing is further from the truth.

Alcoholics don’t know God. Ah yes, they say those things that your ears want to hear, and they even go to church every Saturday and Sunday, but what are their actions telling you. What fruits do you see shine bright in the alcoholic?

Spiritually speaking the alcoholic has allowed other sources to be His God, namely, Mr. Jim Beam. Until Mr. Beam gets out of the picture, he will literally master the alcoholic and his mind.

This is how alcohol takes control of the alcoholic’s life!

Their thinking is literally impaired! The alcoholics don’t really have a mind of their own. Alcohol speaks for them. Many decisions an alcoholic makes are based on or around drinking.

Most alcoholics think they are independent minded, but they are far from being independent thinkers. Unbeknownst to the alcoholic who is in denial is how dependent minded they really are. Always concerned about when and where they are going to get their next drink.

Alcoholics will make up acceptable reasons WHY they can drink. It’s a fact of their life that seventy five percent of their waking minds are spent on thinking about drinking or drinking alcohol.

Alcoholics have a hard time growing up, even when they are adults. Their reasoning is not sound, but foolishness to the ears. Because they are locked in their own little world of alcohol, they never mature into the potential of who they can become because they are being drowned with alcoholic lies everyday.

What can the alcoholic do? What can the enabler do?

It would be stupid for me to sit here and tell you to quit drinking; easier said than done right? Yep, if you’re an alcoholic, I know what you’re going through. What I can do though, is tell you what I did. If what I did sounds acceptable to you than give it a try.

First of all the enabler needs to get help by going to Alanon. Your getting help for your self will be helping the alcoholic in more ways than you’ll ever know, believe me. In Alanon you will learn to not let the escapades of the alcoholic bother you. You will also learn to NOT rescue the alcoholic anymore! This aspect is so very important.

Angie Lewis offers spiritual enlightenment tips for couples in marriage, and is the author of new release book JOURNEY ON THE ROADS LESS TRAVELED.

This unique book is about love, life, marriage, addiction, temptation, and understanding the power of spiritual awareness for your marriage.

In her book, Angie reveals her own journey of overcoming addiction and how her negative emotions took over her life. To find out more about this new book click here, Avaliable Amazon online!

Angie Lewis counsels couples and writes a monthly newsletter where she reveals her secrets on how YOU can stay happily married for life!

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November 16, 2006

Easy Way to Control Alcohol

Just wanted to let you know about the awesome book by: Allen Carr –  Easy Way to Control Alcohol

Check this great feed back…

"Life Saver"

I was a heavy smoker and drinker for almost 3 decades, until my COPD diagnosis last fall (at the age of 42). The situation was absolutely hopeless, my dr told me to quit smoking immediately, and there was a chance that my emphysema could reverse, but attempting to quit had been TORTURE in the past and I knew even this wouldn’t make me quit.

As a last ditch effort, I ordered The Easy Way to Quit Smoking, and…it WORKED. within two months I stopped my 2-3 pack per day habit. I’ve been smoke free for ten months. At the same time that i purchased it, I also bought The Easy Way to Control Alcohol.

It took a while to manage both, but as of tonight I’m 2 weeks and two days completely sober. I never could’ve done it without these books.  Make sure you give it a few reads, it takes some time for the info to sink in.  I HIGHLY recommend these Allen Carr’s books, my quality of life has been drastically improved for buying them.

"Relief at last"

Struggling with too much and too often excess booze I have tried everything I could find: bought most of Amazon books on the subject, talked with AA, psychiatrists, took medicines et after each step getting more and more depress and feeling ashamed and useless. Then I read Allen Carr’s book, thinking deep inside that it would be another usual book giving your advices, orders, telling you terribles stories in one word very negative. But I really found this time something to rely on.

I found myself in those pages and the way I was dealing wrongly with life, stress and booze. This is the ONLY book to buy if you are concern about your drinking and sincerely want to do something about it. This writer is a bit of a magician !!!!……. but still very realistic and straight to the point. Buy it, not tomorrow or next week… buy it NOW and read it ASAP. It will save your life !…. it saved mine and gave me back MY freedom.

Go and check this great book out here:

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