April 30, 2008

Effects Of Alcohol Different For Women?

The same volume of alcohol will effect women more and cause them to become more drunk than men even if body weight is identical. Women have less water mass for their body weight than men.
Alcohol mixes with water in the body and because women have less water in proportion to their body mass, alcohol will be less diluted when it enters the body. This is the reason why the advised drinking limits for women are slightly less than for men. Alcohol is more concentrated in women.

This also influences the impact alcohol abuse has on women. Chronic alcohol abuse will have a greater effect on women. Dependence on alcohol occurs faster and health issues related to alcoholism, such as liver damage, develop more quickly in women.

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The Less Attractive Aspects Of Alcohol

Did you know that to much alcohol is the most common cause for; Sexual aggression, Sexual behavior, Unwanted sex, Lack of inhibition and Using intoxication as an excuse for rape and violence. Before you read on just ask yourself this question. Are you at anytime involved or have been involved with any of the above? Well if I was to tell you that alcohol plays a staggering 85% part in all of the above in “Date Rapes”, so you’re not alone.

Here are some quick tips which should help you reduce your chances of the above.

If you are seeing someone new for the first time, you don’t have to go out alone, you could suggest meeting up with them with some of your friends, or even meet in a pub where your friends will be.

You should also choose people that have the same values as you do. Loners are loners for one reason, just stay well clear of them.

You should never send mixed messages make sure you are open and honest with them this way you can’t say that your sending flirty messages to them.

Make sure you take care of yourself, never put yourself in a situation where you might be alone with a complete strange that you don’t like and know.

Be very aware if they invite you back to there house, this is when most rapes occur.

Make sure you trust and listen to your own instincts, remember if you don’t feel comfortable just leave.

Remember you can have lots of fun when your drinking but don’t let it spoil your night. If you know anyone or your might be interested in reading more on alcohol then try stopdrinkingadvice.org, they have some great free resource.

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April 28, 2008

Alcohol Abuse Screening Test


The following test will determine if your drinking habits are putting you at risk. The test is completed anonymously and your results will not be recorded. No information you enter will be shared with anyone. To respect your privacy you will not be required to enter any information that could identify you.

The test was produced by The Office of Health Care Programs at John Hopkins University Hospital. The test is designed to inform you how dangerous your drinking habits are. It will also give you an idea whether the amount of alcohol you drink is excessive.

This test is not a substitute for a diagnosis of alcohol abuse by a medical professional. It is intended as a guide to inform you of the risks of your current drinking behavior. The results will give you feedback on how much you are putting your health at risk.

You should consider the last year as a reference for your drinking patterns. Answer the test honestly. You are the only person who will have access to the results and the test is completely anonymous. The more accurate your answers to the test, the more useful the results will be.

Click on this link to begin the test:


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April 25, 2008

Alcoholism – What Are The Treatments?

Treatment of alcoholism focuses on reducing alcohol consumption. There are differing views on whether alcoholism is a medical or social condition. These different views produce varying treatments.

Most experts acknowledge that many factors contribute to alcoholism. This means that treatment must address all these different issues to reduce the chances of a relapse. One common method is to apply supportive therapy after the alcoholic undergoes detoxification to combat both the medical and social aspects of the disease.


Attending self-help groups with a commitment to abstinence is often a success as well. There are also different approaches that recommend a reduction in alcohol intake as opposed to a sudden abstinence to make the process less dramatic.

How Effective Are The Treatments?

Alcoholism treatments have varied degrees of success. The effectiveness of a program is usually measured by two things- the amount of patients who complete the program, and the amount who relapse. A study by Dr. Mark Willenbring, of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism showed that nearly 100% of patients complete treatments. The figures for relapse show that after one year 30% are still sober, 40% have improved their condition, but still drink heavily, and 25% have relapsed. These figures show that there is room for improvement for the treatment of alcohol, and further research into the contributing factors will enable treatment to be more effective.

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How Alcohol Effects Your Family

Everyone knows your relationship with anyone should be well looked after and nurtured all the time, but when alcohol getâ??s thrown into the mix itâ??s a different ball game. It will and it does seriously jeopardize your healthy relationship with your family. Recent studies have shown that 95% of families who bring alcohol into a family relationship always end up with a dysfunctional family. Does this apply to you?

You see once someone starts to bring alcohol into a family and they become dependant on it, no one really has spotted the problem because itâ??s slowly crept up on them. Then when the problem has been spotted they donâ??t really take it seriously enough and thatâ??s why you have alcoholic dysfunctional families.

It is very common for dysfunctional families to deny the existence of an alcoholic problems. Youâ??ll find that they usually develop a number of different behaviors which gives them an illusion that drinking alcohol is not affecting there family. Youâ??ll also notice that they start telling lies saying they are working late when they are really stopping off at the pub for a drink. Most partners/spouses will even lie or make some excuse up for the drinking partner just because they have got a hangover and they canâ??t make an appointment. Another way you can tell there is a problem at home is children tend to perform poorly at school or even miss it.

Once you start to learn that alcohol is causing you and your family a problem the quicker you can sort it out the better. Your not just hurting yourself when you drink, your hurting the ones around you, who love you the most. In fact denial is one of the key systems of alcohol dependency (Alcoholism).

You must also remember if you are protecting or covering up for an alcoholic youâ??re preventing that person from seeking help which will see them have a better life for the future. Itâ??s a funny thought but if the tides where turned and you and you was the alcoholic would you want help?

There is plenty of help and support on the internet and youâ??ll find most of it is really helpful, I have come across some awesome sites which have great support, they are stopdrinkingadvice.org (they have help over two thousand people conquer there alcoholism), plus they also have a great newsletter which is will worth signing up for. The other sites or AA and Talk To Frank. Remember your not alone!

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April 23, 2008

What Are The Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal?


The withdrawal an alcoholic must go through can be fatal. Other drug addictions can cause a fatality as the withdrawal can effect other health issues, but alcoholism is unique in killing the victim directly. Excessive intake of alcohol reduces the production of GABA, a vital neuroinhibitor.

A sudden stop of alcohol intake creates a situation where there are insufficient amounts of alcohol and GABA in the blood causing the synapses to fire uncontrollably. This condition, causing convulsions, seizures, hallucinations and possibly heart failure, is known as delirium tremens. Without a medical supervision, an alcoholic can cause great harm to himself.

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April 21, 2008

Alcoholism – What Is The Social Impact?

Alcoholism has a catastrophic impact on society. No man is an island, and an alcoholic will always have an impact on those around him. Being a victim of alcoholism has serious consequences. The effects of being constantly drunk will make an alcoholic suffer at work which can result in losing his job. The financial implications of this will alter his life. He may lose his house, and because of his addiction to alcohol he will find getting another job impossible. Drinking excessively can reduce judgment. An alcoholic will behave inappropriately often leading to criminal charges such as public disorder and driving under the influence. This negative behavior will drive away those closest to an alcoholic, such as family and friends, contributing to marital conflict and potentially divorce. The altered behavior can damage the alcoholic’s children’s development leaving deep emotional scars.

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April 18, 2008

Medications to help stop drinking

PillsA number of medications are prescribed for alcohol craving and cessation. You can find a great deal of information at pharmacology websites, but do a search online for the â??PIâ? (prescribing information) sheet for each one and youâ??ll find much more detail before speaking with your doctor. The medications most often prescribed to control craving typically include: Acamprosate, Baclofen, Naltrex one, Ondansetron, Revia, Rimonabant, Topiramate and Vivitrol.

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April 16, 2008

Fighting the urge to drink

* Do whatever you have to, but do not have that first drink. , a pot of tea, oprograms, do it. These things become the weapons in the fight for your life.

* Keep chocolate handy. Chocolate cravings are typical when problem drinkers quit. It will increase your endorphins and help reduce the urges you will feel.

* Why alcohol is taking over your life is a question that will only be answered when you DON’T let it take over your life. It’s like a kind of non-living, evil dictator demon liquid that can only live and breathe and act in the world through you.

* Tell the truth: if someone sees that your behavior has changed regarding drinking, just say it. “I quit drinking” or “I’m slowing down”… That truth will eventually disarm the pressure that people, places, and events have on you to drink.

* Eat meat/fish and fresh vegetables with every meal, malnutrition is a major source of dependency.

* Avoid Situations where you might be tempted to drink. Non alcoholic drinks do exist and can be a wonderful alternative when drinking is socially acceptable.

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April 14, 2008

Stop Drinking Infomercial

Here is a humorous but realistic view of quitting drinking:

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