February 28, 2009

Alcohol Linked to Cancer in Women

A recent study involving nearly 1.3 million women has supported evidence that with just moderate alcohol intake the the risk of a several cancers is increased.

Middle-aged women took part in a research survey in breast cancer screening clinics which looked into their alcohol habits, and taking into consideration those habits during the previous seven years.

25% of the women surveyed reported zero alcohol use, and the majority reported admitted to less than three drinks per day. The average alcohol consumption was just one drink a day, so researchers focused on comparing the habits of those who had drunk two or less drinks per week with those who had drunk larger quantities.

It was revealed that for each additional drink on a daily basis would increase the risk of breast, liver and rectal cancer, by research groups at the University of Oxford in England.

Alcohol types consumed made no diffence at all to the results, whether wine, beer or liquor. This concludes with earlier research that alcohol intake was linked to esophageal and oral cancers, but only when smokers consumed alcohol.

The report also revealed that moderate drinkers did have a reduced risk of thyroid cancer, renal cell cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, but that on the whole woman in general, the read alcohol risk is low.

They also found out that about 118 of every 1,000 women develop these cancers in developed countries, but more specifically in connection with alcohol consumption that each extra daily drink would result in 11 breast cancers and four of the other sorts in addition to that data.

In the united kingdom it was revealed that 13 per cent of those cancers had been linked or related to the consumption of alcohol. The conclusion shows overwhelmingly that women are at risk if they consume alcohol, even if it is in moderation.

There are several help groups online that support and advice people who want to stop drinking alcohol. These groups provide the basic guidelines to achieving the goal of an alcohol free life.

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February 22, 2009

Alcoholic or Heavy Drinker?

Stop There is quite a high proportion of drinkers who although have alcohol related problems, are not in fact alcoholics, meaning that quitting drinking will not necessarily mean that they require any medical treatment or even AA group support. That is great news for a lot of people who have no idea that stopping drinking alcohol isn’t that complicated.

Statistics actually show that people who attempt to stop drinking, do not receive any third party support. How do they do that? you may ask, well it is just a matter of will power to change or reduce bad drinking habits. One thing that heavy drinkers have in common is that they all know other heavy drinkers and they may just be inspired to do the same as another heavy drinking friend.

What might this really mean in a real case study? Well, having a drinking problem will not necessarily result in expensive medical bills and attending AA meetings can be avoided. That includes alcohol drinkers who are chemically dependent on alcohol on a daily basis as alcoholism is a disease that is more complex than just a craving for alcohol. These heavy drinkers may require medical assistance at first to help with alcohol detox, but with just a little bit of Willpower, they can manage on their own for the rest of the way.

If you believe that you may fall into that category of heavy drinkers, and have the desire to cut back or even stop drinking totally, the Stop Drinking Advice guide will become your blueprint to achieve your goals on your own. See how other people have made the change to an alcohol free existence, hear what they had to experience through the initial stages, and the joy they now behold having been able to remove alcohol from their daily lives.

Alcohol is a leading family destroyer and needs to be checked fast, or the results for the whole family will be extremely painful and irreversible. If you know of any cases among family of friends, then take a step forward and make sure they get the stop drinking advice they need. Going alone is a daunting task and often delays heavy drinkers decisions to stop drinking alcohol. With just a little encouragement, heavy drinkers can change their lives and those of their family and friends, and you don’t know just how kind and helpful previous heavy drinkers become, so make sure they get this stop drinking advice that will benefit so many other people too.

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February 13, 2009

The Choices for Alcoholics

StopWhat most goes through most alcoholics mind during a period of reflection is whether they will really have to stop drinking alcohol forever. The idea of drinking in moderation or just socially seem to be distinct possibilities but just the thought of being able a have a least one more drink will make giving up even more appealing.

The fact of the matter is that there are alcoholics that may have been in rehab and later been able to even do that, but we can’t really be 100% certain that those people were actually alcoholics in the beginning, as they may just have abused alcohol or were just binge drinkers.

If you were to ask your average alcoholic if they thought that having the occasional drink would be an option to consider, they would definitely say no.

It takes a lot for an alcoholic to even try to have the odd drink and I have heard several stories from people who have and then regretted it later. One guy in his forties who had been dry since his teens decided to start again thinking he was ready, but only ended up getting back his previous bad habits and has not since been able to get dry.

I also heard of a female alcohol that managed to stop drinking alcohol due to her pregnancy. She was so happy with herself and she had a beautiful baby girl. Her husband brought out a bottle of champagne on her home coming to celebrate the special occasion, but from that moment on their happiness disappeared as quickly as it arrived.

Well, there are so many more sad tales of all sorts of people but all with the same beginning and the same end. It is a difficult step to take when somebody decides to stop drinking alcohol and as we have seen, there are no two ways about it, so expert help and advice should be taken at all cost.

The stop drinking advice blog is a great place to start where you will be able to get good advice from qualified experts that deal with people who have already helped other people to stop drinking alcohol as well as doing it themselves.

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