March 27, 2009

Stop Drinking Alcohol – Prevent Anger, Rage and Violence

StopAlcohol does have an affect on our brain and will lead to be changes in the way for react to difficult situations, the same problems that probably started the drinking problem in the first place. Although alcohol is a direct cause for these changes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody will react in the same manner if they are pressurised in any way.

It is the sheer disability of controlling our temper while under the influence of alcohol that coverts drinking into a dangerous social habit and when alarm bells should be ringing as help is required to prevent alcohol rage.

It has been revealed that the more alcohol that is consumed, the more vulnerable the situation will become, and that there is not a lot of time to lose before the behaviour pattern turns to aggression and physical violence.

There are claims that in many western countries there are still daily domestic violence issues that often come to a fatal end. In almost every case, alcohol has played its part in provoking the rage, aggression and the final fatality. Alcohol is a danger to our society and especially to women and children as they have to abide to a drunk, fearing for their own lives.

These are obviously the most extreme cases, but well worth highlighting on. Many families though do suffer through a breakdown in family social commitment, as an alcoholic always does the opposite to the needs of a loving and united family.

Fear is not what creates bonding within a family and should be eradicated immediately. If you either feel that your alcohol habit needs sorting out fast if you suspect that somebody you personally know does, then don’t waste timing in seeking immediate online support for alcohol related problems.

Stop Drinking Advice has a network of online support that is ready to act to give the very best advice to help people with a drinking problem that is out of control to stop once and for all to stop drinking alcohol.

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March 20, 2009

What is Alcohol Addiction? and is there really a way out

StopFirst of all we need to take a close look at what alcohol really is and what it does to us, both mentally, physically and spiritually. Now I say spiritually for those of us that believe in something rather than themselves, like the Creator, God or any other supreme force. So if you don’t have a spiritual side, things will be a lot more difficult in understanding the control that alcohol has over us turning the alcohol into your answer to what life has to throw at us.

“Alcohol” may also be connected in some way to a whole range of other human behavior patterns like gambling, drugs and other narcotic substances, but they all have one thing in common, and that is that they are all addictive. Yest it is the addiction that will tear us apart as it is an addiction that prevents us from sense and the things that most matter to us in our lives, like family and friends and the sheer beauty that surrounds us.

Although I would like to present this article with spiritual content, I would not like to offend anyone in any way. We all have an inner voice that speaks to us and helps us to make decisions, but we need to find those voices that make us make the right decisions, and there is no doubt that if you believe in
something superior rather than just in yourself, then you have made it a hell of a lot easier to eradicate any addiction from your life.

There are many Christian and other religious groups that do give support to help people get through difficult times like trying to stop alcohol addiction, but it is quite normal that people who need help will accept help from anybody who is willing to help. Now if you have already found help from a support
group, then I say congratulations as you have made the right decision, and it is so comforting for me that there are so many people around us that are willing to listen and ready to help.

If you have an alcohol addiction and you need help, then I am willing to listen and to help you too, as well as a whole network of other people who previously had an alcohol addiction. Believe in yourself and if you can believe in a superior force, even better. Don’t be afraid to come out of the shadows, but if you want to tackle this matter without other people finding out that you have an alcohol addiction, then please cunt on me, Ed Philips to guide you on to the path of understanding alcohol and how you can stop drinking alcohol today.

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March 15, 2009

Have I Got a Drinking Problem? – A Frequently Asked Question

StopBasically if this question is on your mind it is more than likely that you do have a drinking problem. If other people in your life are telling you that you have a drink problem, well they’re probably right. If you have experienced a negative reaction to your alcohol consumption habits and have then continued in the same matter, then listen – you do have a drinking problem.

The positive side to having in a drinking problem is that the majority of people can just stop drinking alcohol with self determination. So many people that drink regularly will reach a point that they get into trouble while drunk, and the next day they decide to just wipe the slate clean and to continue on with their lives without consuming alcohol.

The problem comes that there a few people that can’t get past the second day without having another drink. The drinking problem is now a real one that would fall into the category of Alcohol abuse or Alcohol dependency. The problem comes if people consider this to be normal behavior, for whatever the reason and now we have reached the point of becoming an alcoholic.

Having a drinking problem affects both you and your family, but the good news is that there is help at hand. First you should see your Doctor who will advice you which specialized health care centers can help you to stop drinking. Rehab centers and Alcoholic Anonymous are also excellent medical institutions that have helped so many people to cut alcohol out of their lives.

You will also find many forums and blogs on the internet that help to giving you the necessary will power to carry on with an alcohol free life, It is so important to relate to people that suffer from the same illness as you as a lifeline to carry out a normal life without alcohol messing things up again.

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March 6, 2009

Avoid Having Alcoholic Kids

StopIn today’s society it is so important that children are taught the dangers that both drugs and alcohol can present to their lives. Parents need to get more involved with educating their children and make them understand that Alcohol isn’t all it is made out to be and that it is a serious threat to our health.

Get the facts first and you will find the Internet a very useful learning tool, as it is basically the largest Library in the world and there are several excellent online guides to the affects of alcohol on both our health and our lives.

It is always a good idea to teach them early as they are about to become teenagers and before other kids start to give them the wrong ideas about alcohol. Give this total parent backing, so Mum and Dad should be giving the same advice on just how alcohol can ruin the rest of their lives if they get into this bad habit at a young age.

Make it a relaxing affair and make sure you let them participate too, just so you know what they have been learning from other children. It must be made clear that alcohol is a drug and therefore it is addictive, meaning just one glass of beer could be the cause to a young child becoming an alcoholic.

It must be made perfectly clear too that they should never accept alcohol or drugs from anyone at school, and that such eventualities should be reported to you. That though will require a bond of trust with your children, so make sure they realize that you really do trust them and then they will find it easier to confide in you.

Student surveys reveal that when parents are prepared to listen to their child’s feelings or problems, the child is often more likely to stay off drugs or alcohol. If your child has a sudden change in character or in some way not their normal behavior, then seek with drugs and alcohol, seek professional guidance immediately.

Remember the best education is provided through setting a good example, so make sure that you limit your own habits and that alcohol is not accessible at home. The right environment at home is the key for your children future as alcohol or drugs will only end up reversing an exemplary family union.

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