April 24, 2009

An Alcoholics View About Alcoholics Anonymous

StopMany of my Alcoholic friends have differing views on how they felt when they first walked into an AA meeting, which probably the bravest thing an alcoholic can actually do.

An alcoholic tends to feel above the rest of us and then even applies when they walk into an AA meeting, but that view will soon change as the whole essence of the meeting is extremely humbling, and a feeling of union soon takes over an alcoholics mind as the listen to the brave souls in the room. The rooms are full of the nicest, most thoughtful people you’ll ever meet who are trying or have already succeeded in bettering their lives to a point where they are satisfied and happy.

It doesn’t matter which group an average person joins when it comes to feeling accepted and part of a group of people, but after a couple of weeks a real boding takes place as confidence rises and you can clearly see that you are spending your time wisely with the exact people that will listen to you all day long if necessary.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a worldwide organization dealing with every race and creed, but every alcoholic regardless suffers in the same way, and AA knows how to deal with alcoholism at ground level due to it’s long history in dealing with the treatment of alcoholism.

Doctors may recommend more exercise or even a pharmaceutical product to help you deal with alcoholism on your own, but that is just so difficult and my suggestion is that if an alcoholic has actually made a decision to stop, then don’t mess up first time round as it would be even more complicated if attempted again at a later date.

I have just heard on the news that 40,000 people die every year in the UK, due to alcohol related diseases. That really does show how difficult it is for us to face an addiction even though we know that it is life threatening. Help is available for anybody that wants to stop drinking alcohol and going to an AA meeting is as good as it gets, as it tackles every social problem that alcohol can lead to. The unity between alcoholics is truly admirable and helps to really transforms an alcoholics personality, to a point that people won’t recognize them as being the same person.

If you know somebody that needs help, please make sure they do get the support and help they need to successfully stop drinking alcohol and prevent them from just becoming another dreadful alcohol related statistic.

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April 17, 2009

How to Stop Drinking Alcohol – A Serious Guide

StopI have paid a lot of attention recently to just what the symptoms of alcoholism are, how an alcoholic can recognize that they are indeed addicts and not just heavy drinkers and also just how much damage alcohol can cause to family relations as well as causing a negative effect to social behavior leading to complete isolation to the rest of the world.

Alcohol will literally take control of your brain and thinking capacity to such a degree that only alcohol will make you feel good about yourself from the moment you get up to the moment you pass out later on in the day. It is a behavior pattern that can only lead to disaster whereby alcohol leads you to believe that life just isn’t worth living without a continued relationship with alcohol.

Once this point is reached in an alcoholics life, it always appears to signal alarm bells from within, which is probably the last chance there is to actually quit drinking alcohol, so this is where I want to help in giving advice for those first few days before and after quitting drinking.

To reach that critical decision the need to visualize the importance of your life to the people arround you and hold the belief that if you change your life, you can also help to improve their lives as well as there really isn’t a better gift than that of giving. Set a day within reason and try to reduce the daily amount of alcohol consumed and make sure that you wake up to an alcohol free environment as well as having everything you need at home for at least a week.

Now alcoholism is a disease and illness that warrants you having time off work so make sure that you have previously been issued with a Doctors certificate, as losing your job won’t help at all in your efforts to quit alcohol. You won’t feel too good for the first few days and you may be best off just staying in bed until you really have the desire to get up and see what awaits you.

Family and friends as well as support groups will be your new partner of life and they will no doubt give you all the support to make you realize that you have made to right decision to quit drinking alcohol. After about 72 days you would have virtually alcoholism, but beware of feeling over confident and thinking that just one quick drink would be a nice treat for all your effort.

Every day is crucial during the first 3 weeks and you will meet a different challenge every day, so make sure that you take the necessary time to get back to work, and if you continue to feel the same anxieties in life then you may need to take difficult decisions that will relieve you of any stress or pressure. Remember only you are your family are important, so even if it means reducing your standard of living drastically it is your life and future we are talking about.

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April 10, 2009

Binge Drinking on the Rise in UK

Cheap Alcohol is a real threat to the stability of any modern day society and using alcohol as a consumer commodity to attract more customers should make Governments react to make it slightly more difficult for alcohol abusers to get their drug.

It is possible that the UK will react as they did with tobacco prices that have soared over the last 15 years and together with the strict “No Smoking” laws, smoking is no longer the number one killer in the UK. Making alcohol more expensive would also help to reduce deaths related to alcohol consumption, but in Politics things don’t just happen over night, although becoming an alcoholic does.

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April 3, 2009

5 Good Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol by Ed Philips

StopMoney – Money is not really the major reason to stop drinking alcohol, but it is something we all worry about and alcohol will no doubt eat away at your monthly budget. Often alcohol leads to other addictions like gambling and smoking, so if you stop drinking alcohol you manage to save quite a big chunk of money that you probably could do with right now. Money probably doesn’t lead to happiness, but it certainly does give stability and helps to take life with a certain ease.

Family – Alcohol is a terrible addiction , so that does not necessarily mean that everyone reacts in the same way, but alcohol can and will take over your life. So that means that your family is no longer your main priority in live, and that really is the road to disaster. Family unity really is the most fundamental factor in giving life a real meaning, so don’t mess with that or you really will experience the darker side of life. Just think how so many children suffer through the presence of alcohol in their homes. Don’t add to this sad state of affairs and believe in a better life for yourself and the rest of your family.

Health – You really don’t want to know the amount of fatal diseases that alcohol can cause and you already know that we only have one liver and one heart. So you can see that our health is under serious threat from the social disease of alcoholism. Drink alcohol free beer and enjoy the taste without the fatal consequences of alcohol,

Stability – Alcohol may start out to be part of our day to day life and you might even be able to get away with a few drinks while at work. But it’s a slippery slope and sooner or later you will get caught. Once you have lost your job for drinking alcohol, you will find it extremely difficult to get another job and the consumption of alcohol will increase.

No future – Well, I think you can see that if you drink alcohol and alcohol starts to make your decisions for you, you have lost a very important battle for everything that is most important to you in your life, and there is only one way out – stop drinking alcohol! If you can carry on through life and alcohol is well under control and your family unity is not at risk, then enjoy but be alert for other people that may need some good advice to stop drinking alcohol.

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