November 27, 2009

Need To Know How to Quit Drinking?

StopFor someone who wants to find out how to quit drinking the first step is usually the realization that drinking has become a problem that needs to be addressed. Once that part is clear, one comes to the question of the best way of doing that. There will always be people who can completely quit drinking once they have made up their minds to do so. Others might not be so fortunate. In fact there are people who need medical assistance in helping them quit. Yet others are heavily dependent on support groups, such as family and organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous.

It is best to be very methodical and focused in deciding the best way to achieve the goal of quitting drinking completely. The first thing to do is to deliberate on this problem in a state of sobriety, so that you come up with a sensible and workable strategy. You could begin with getting rid of all the alcohol that you possess, since you have decided that you are not going to need it again.

Next maintain a journal in which you jot down your thoughts about what made you decide to quit drinking. This will keep you focused and away from temptation. The next extremely important and perhaps just as extremely difficult thing to do is to keep your drinking partners at an arm‚??s length. Also give a miss to those social events where drinking is inevitable.

In case you suffer from a damaged liver on account of excessive drinking you may want to repair the damage by taking medication for it, now that you have decided to not cause any more damage to it by continuing to drink. Imbibe healthy eating habits. Consume whole grain food and lots of fruit. You may want to take multi vitamin pills as well.

Start exercising. It will not only make you feel better and healthier you will also gain in confidence by and by. Take up new hobbies. Engage in extra -curricular activities. Read books, watch movies, take up a social cause-anything that keeps you busy in useful activity.

Come to think of it why would anyone persist with something which only causes grief, distress and ultimately disaster? You have everything to gain and nothing to lose besides hangovers, ruined relationships and a tattered social life. Even the most desperate alcoholic knows in his heart that drinking is a one way to street to oblivion, but lacks the courage or conviction to give it up. In such cases professional and societal help is required. Almost nobody is beyond redemption. God created man to be happy, and quitting drinking takes one right back on the path to happiness. Once a person has decided that he needs to quit, there is every hope that he will. Some may do it quite easily, and others may have to be helped along the way- but everyone can quit.

So if you do have the need or know somebody else who does need to find out how to quit drinking urgently, then you have found the help needed to fulfill that need.

How To Quit Drinking

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November 20, 2009

Revealing Alcoholism Facts

StopAlcoholism-unfortunately so many families today are scared of this word, many kids are afraid to pronounce it, they were left on the road because of it, many lives were destroyed by it- So, really, what is alcoholism? Modern medicine defines alcoholism as a disease/addiction to alcohol, especially ethanol, which results in a continuous and persistent use of alcohol, despite its negative consequences. If you consider alcoholism as a disease, then it should be classified as a progressive disease, which means that the symptoms and effects of drinking alcohol increase severely over time. Many times experts define alcoholism as one of the major problems in modern society. In simple terms, we could define it as drinking too much alcohol, while denying its consequences.

Now, that we have defined alcoholism lets analyse it in process. Usually, adult people get drunk to celebrate something or to mourn about something. Kids may get drunk to show-off themselves; they may want to simply see how it feels, or to manifest their emotional situation. Initially, alcohol usually generates feelings of relaxation and cheerfulness, but further consumption can lead to blurred vision and coordination problems. When a subject consumes alcohol, he might feel better for a period of time, but only while he has his alcohol, no alcohol equals torment.

Although, most of the teens have seen alcohol in action, a good part of them even suffered because of alcohol in their childhood, they’ve seen their parents or someone close to them being attracted to alcohol, and though they have seen how bad its consequences are, when they grow up, they go the same way. That‚??s why; our world today needs people that will encourage kids not to follow their parents‚?? road, if the parents are addicted. Modern kids really need the encouragement to go against the flow.

There are so many dangers in the world, but the world of alcohol and drugs continues to be for most parents the most terrifying of all. It is when your child is in this world you start second-guessing yourself over and over. You ask questions like ‚??what could I have done different‚?? or ‚??where did I go wrong‚??. Parents may start blaming each other, instead of helping their child. Even if it is an older relative, the thing you do not want to do if he/she is addicted, is start blaming on someone. The first thing he or she really needs is encouragement. Most of the alcoholics can be helped by international organizations like Anonymous Alcoholics, which helps those persons that realize the consequences of alcohol, get out of its slavery. You see, people don’t realize how bad it is, until they are already addicted to it. It is important to constantly and persistently inform the population about the effects of alcoholism, its symptoms and treating.

How To Quit Drinking

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November 13, 2009

Best 3 Reasons That Answer Why And How To Quit Drinking

StopNot everybody who drinks alcohol has a problem. Moderate and social drinking is accepted as long as it does not affect your lifestyle physically or mentally. However, considering the impact that alcohol can have on your family, friends and yourself – even your unborn child – think twice before you lift that third glass of scotch, wine or any other alcohol – And be alert for any information that helps show how to quit drinking.

Alcohol can affect your fertility

Research shows that consumption of alcohol can affect the fertility of both men and women even if it is frequent, moderate drinking. While most people feel that alcohol lets them loosen up and feel free and uninhibited on the bed, on the contrary, alcohol can create a condition called gynecomastia which actually reduces a man‚??s sexual interests over a period of time. Also, increased and frequent consumption of alcohol can lessen the density of sperm within a man. Along with the lowered sperm count, some men can also experience other complications related to the sperm leading to infertility. Alcohol is also known to lower the levels of T-serum which is another common cause of infertility.

Alcoholism among women can cause disorders like amenorrhea and reduced ovary count or no ovulation thus leading to infertility. Women who are trying to conceive should seriously consider giving up alcohol. Alcoholic women who become pregnant or women who continue drinking during pregnancy have a higher risk of spontaneous abortion, still birth and premature birth. Alcohol can also impair the growth and development of the fetus. Also, most alcoholic mothers face the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome which is characterized by deficient growth – physically and mentally, brain anomalies and heart defects.

Alcohol can reduce the longevity of your life

While alcohol by itself is harmful to health, it can also cause other serious disorders which put the alcoholic on high risk or life threatening conditions. Incessant drinking is known to cause cardiovascular diseases such as cardiomyopathy, strokes and cardiac arrhythmia. Alcoholics can also develop high blood pressure. Some of them put in a lot of weight, thus leading to obesity. Try giving up alcohol if you are suffering from diabetes, high level of triglycerides, high blood pressure, obesity or any heart disorders. Recent research states that drinking a certain amount of alcohol every day can reduce heart disease risks but this does not sufficient justification for consuming alcohol.

Alcohol can affect your family, friends and even unknown people

A person under the influence of alcohol not only has an impaired judgment but also becomes aggressive thus leading to domestic violence, child abuse & incest. This will only cause grief to the alcoholic‚??s family and friends. Alcoholism or drunken driving is the biggest reason of several accidents leading to loss of other innocent lives. Education needs to come first with alcohol as it does in every social issue that holds back society, so let’s start to educate people who desperately need to know how to quit drinking, as that need is surely present all around us and should be dealt with accordingly…

How To Quit Drinking

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November 7, 2009

Steps on How to Stop Drinking

StopIf you are an alcoholic and are looking for information on how to stop drinking there are a few things that you are going to need to do. However you need to be aware that there is a big difference between stopping and staying stopped.

If you have the will power you will have the ability to stop drinking for short periods of time however, not turning back to the alcohol will be the hardest part that you are going to have to face. This is the part that almost every alcoholic need to deal with and it is not an easy one.

So when you are looking for information on how to stop drinking in your own life there are basically two different steps that you are have to go through. The first step is probably going to be the easiest for you and that is getting yourself sober. The other step which is maintaining that sobriety however, is going to be the hardest step for you. There are a few steps that you can follow however that will put you well on your way to maintaining your sobriety for good.

The first step on your quest for information on how to stop drinking would be finding a reason to stop. You have to ask yourself why you want to stop. Self motivation is going to be your number one key to your overall success and without it chances are that you will fail.

The next step is a little more difficult than the first one and that is to make the decision that you want to quit. Once you make this decision you will soon find yourself doing everything in your power to quit. One of the biggest reasons for failures when a person decides to stop drinking is that they make a very shaky decision during this step. Be sure that you are positive in your decision and do not deter.

The third step on your search on how to stop drinking would be to seek the proper guidance. There are a few rare cases that people have been known to stop drinking without any help at all but, most of the time professional help is sought. When you place yourself in a treatment program, you will be surrounded by others that have made the same commitment. This will create a great support system for you. You will be able to listen to their ideas or ways of how they are helping themselves out of this situation. Basically a pool of ideas will float in front of you from where you can choose the path to your recovery.

How To Quit Drinking

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