January 30, 2010

How To Help An Alcoholic By Identifying Their Drinking Problem

StopA lot of us end up having a drink or two during occasions and celebrations like an unofficial client meeting, conferences, weddings, boys or girls night out and sometimes, we just visit the pub after a highly stressful weekend. But not all of us can be called alcoholics. So how does one identify if one has a drinking problem?

People can have a drinking problem if they exhibit the following four signs – craving for a drink including experiencing symptoms like sweating, shakiness and tremors if he or she has not had a drink for a day or so, losing control over the amount of drinks and the necessity to drink a significant number of “large” to achieve a “high”. This condition is also known as alcohol dependence or alcohol addiction or alcoholism.

If you are still unsure if somebody is suffering from a drinking problem, just ask the questions given below. If most of the answers are “yes”, it is a matter of concern…

Do you secretly consume alcohol and stash it away in a secured place in your home, bathroom, handbag or workplace?

If somebody asked you how much drinks you’ve had, do you lie and reduce the amount?

Have your friends and family recently expressed any concerns or worries over your drinking?

Do you often drink alone?

Do you start your mornings with a drink and end your day with a drink?

Do you tend to go out of control or irritated if you have not had a drink for a very long time?

Do you tend to end up drinking and sometimes forget to do other routine things like picking up kids from the school or forget important occasions?

Does a lot of entertainment for you mean spending time at the pub or places where drinks are available?

If they have answered positively to all the above questions, it is high time they acknowledge that they have an alcohol addiction. However, alcoholism is a disease and can be cured. The very fact that they have admitted they have a problem related to drinking is a significant step towards recovery. Most often alcoholics have a difficulty in admitting that they are addicted to alcohol and attribute their incessant drinking to things like stress which is just an excuse.

This is called “denial” and most alcoholics pass through this phase. Accepting that you have a problem related to drinking is therefore significant. However, this is not enough. In order to totally abstain from drinking, you need to have the will and determination as the very first few weeks of no drinking can be quite tough physically and mentally. Support from family and friends can work wonders, so do whatever you can to help an alcoholic by identifying that they really do have a drinking problem.

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January 22, 2010

7 Easy Tips That Show How To Help An Alcoholic

StopIf you are in the position whereby you want to know how to help an alcoholic, because you are tired of the liquid which has given your friend or family member so many ups and downs and more downs. Like cigarettes, alcohol too takes a lot of effort and will power to keep away from.

But with expert tips to stop drinking you can help design an alcoholics own way of staying off the booze. So if you are decided to help an alcoholic, then read them the following 7 tips as they are written.

Tip 1 - Just stop when you decide. Don’t go for the reduction experiment, it never works. Either it’s nothing or nothing.

Tip 2 - Just say no to that voice in your head that says ‘just one more’. The first time you say ‘No’, you will get stronger through practice and the next time it will be twice as easier to say “No”. Over time it will be as easy as saying no to bitter gourd juice. On the other hand, some say the drink-till-you-pass-out method worked for them, making alcohol very unattractive thenceforth. But it is not recommended, it can prove fatal!

Tip 3 -
Then there is the fruit fix you can opt for. At events, gatherings and parties just opt for a glass of fresh fruit juice instead of joining in with friends and family. You’ll get healthier twice as faster this way.

Tip 4 - Spread the word around in your gang of friends, colleagues and relatives that you are on this mission and it is serious. Convince as many as possible but at least one person compulsorily to give up the habit. Of all the tips to stop drinking, this one is the best, where you constantly engage, discuss and review your goals and progress with fellow alcoholics or loved ones.

Tip 5 -
Just like rewarding yourself after a heavy study or work session, improves efficiency, reward yourself for keeping your will power intact at regular periods of time, say weekly or fortnightly. You will eventually overcome the initial depression and empty feeling that follow every attempt at breaking any bad habit. You will soon find that waking up in the morning can be refreshing and energizing, not painful and agonizing.

Tip 6 - Try to stay away from bars and restaurants which serve alcohol. You will automatically build a harmony with the other non-alcoholic places. Have pride in saying that you quit. Wave the hand with a little royal flair when you forbid the waiter from serving you alcohol at the table. Necessarily mention it at job interviews, business deals and members of the opposite sex. It will improve your social standing all around, contrary to the popular misconception that binging makes you the popular party animal. Be proud in having given up and reward yourself amply.

Tip 7 -
Don’t give into temptation down the road. Once you have spent a lot of time “off” it you will feel the pinch to immediately have a drink. Resist! One “No” here is as powerful as saying “No” every evening for weeks.

Tell them to Join a gym, go running, aerobics, dancing or engage in physical sports. The renewed vitality and stamina will be a huge incentive in itself for you to keep away from alcohol. I am sure that these tips will help any alcoholic big time, and they will at least show that you are a real friend who cares.

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January 15, 2010

The AA Alcoholism Treatment

StopIf there is an organization of people that offer Alcoholism Treatment, and who have rendered yeoman service in rescuing alcoholics from a life of misery and certain ruination it has to be alcohol anonymous. This fellowship of former alcoholics and alcoholics on the mend is tremendous support systems for alcoholics around the world who are desperate to clean up their act, but have no idea how to go about doing it.

All they need to do is to walk into the local chapter of the alcohol anonymous organization and he will be welcomed with open arms not by meddlesome busybodies but people like him who have either overcome their dependency on alcohol, or are in the process of doing so. At alcoholics anonymous members will be gently encouraged to give up alcohol and try and stay sober. There will be no pressure tactics, and no one will be given targets to achieve. Instead people will be encouraged to take each day as it comes, and try and stay sober.

You will always find help at hand not from a judgmental society but friends who have been through exactly what you are going through. Your every small step will be applauded, and as time passes you will grow in your resolve never to touch alcohol. As a matter of fact alcoholics anonymous have a famous twelve step program which helps an alcoholic give up drinking and stay sober. This has been taken up by other recover groups like Narcotics Anonymous, and is recognized as the AA official alcoholism treatment program.

Many people do not appreciate or even recognize that their drinking has become a problem for themselves and those around them and unless they take corrective measures, they will enter a downward spiral which will end in utter devastation. Alcoholics Anonymous will help such people realize that they have a problem and help is at hand. They can come and attend the nearest Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and find out the ways and means of overcoming this problem. Anyone who has been getting into trouble with friends, family, and colleagues or someone who is increasingly unable to cope with social situations because of drinking associated problems, can come to Alcoholics Anonymous for help. They will teach you in a gentle step by step approach the way to achieving sobriety and staying that way. The fact that all the members of Alcoholics Anonymous have themselves come out of a similar situation, or are in the process of doing so makes their advice all the more helpful.

The success of Alcoholics Anonymous can be gauged from the fact that it has Alcoholism Treatment centers throughout the length and breadth of the world. Wherever there is somebody desirous of getting rid of his or her addiction to alcohol, there will always be help and succor at hand in the shape of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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January 8, 2010

The DIY Alcoholism Treatment Program

StopThere’s no better place for a bad time than home, and take it from me that treating alcoholism is a real rough ride. Alcohol withdrawals are as severe as was the urge and habit of the patient. Yes patient. A person who has given up being an alcoholic will become as weak and helpless as a hospital-admitted patient.

The very first step is acknowledging the problem and not brushing it aside with an ‚??I-don’t-have-any-drinking-problem‚?? retort. Once you realize and recognize that a problem exists and it must be dealt with, you will feel no shame in your alcoholism treatment at home plan. It’s way better than a rehabilitation center.

Thus when you do it at home in the care of your family you will recover and normalize faster. Very severe drug and alcohol addiction cases have no choice other than to receive Alcoholism Treatment at Rehab Centers. But non-severe cases can be treated in the comfort of your home.

As your body re-adjusts with the missing chemicals that it was so used to, you will get many different ailments. You might vomit after the morning tea, or feel shivers at noon, have high fevers and basically act like a diseased person. These will slowly recede too along with the urge to have a drink.

Having a family member or friends help regulate and monitor your diet, exercise, time-table and activities will make it a lot easier to endure the pain. It is recommended that you also keep your family physician in the loop on the developments. There are certain medicines that help you counter the adverse side-effects of alcohol withdrawal.

Detox with family dinners and outings with the kids. Go out with friends more often than regularly to minimize the withdrawal pains. Take a break or sabbatical from work and along with bidding alcohol goodbye you can also discover more about yourself and your goals. Cook, paint, read, write, watch movies, listen to music, do all this more often than normally and keep your thoughts away from alcohol at all times.

The other benefit of treating alcoholism at home is that you will be free of most of the stresses of work and travel. Stress is the main reason why people choose to become alcoholics. Yoga and other exercises can help detox faster and keep oneself stress-free.

A very humorous line in the movie “28 Days”, about rehab clinics, went thus – go home and grow a plant, if you can keep the plant alive for 4 weeks, then you can start drinking. So if you can follow a new lifestyle and time-table for at least a month then you can be assured that you are somewhat cured. The ultimate cure is hard-wiring it into ones brain to never become an alcoholic again and to never face the problem again.

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