February 26, 2010

Online Alcohol Addiction Help To Give Up Drinking

StopAlcohol has been the bane of many a life. From a lighthearted and fun thing to do, alcohol addiction can metamorphose into this immensely self damaging exercise, that makes life a living nightmare for the person consuming the alcohol and also to a large extent the people around them like family and friends, so the search for Alcohol Addiction Help begins…

How does one turn away from alcohol addiction? They say to each, his own. Everyone can devise and customize their strategy to give up alcohol consumption. Of course if you are way past the stage where you can deal with the situation yourself, it is best to seek medical assistance. You could for example draw up a sort of a balance sheet of what you would stand to gain and lose if you quit drinking alcohol. You will notice that the benefits outnumber the negatives.

Your health would improve, you would perform better at your job, and probably earn more, your friends will no longer ignore you, you will confidently drive around the town and most importantly you will be happy. What do you lose in the bargain – your hangover, foul temper, risky driving and bad health. Now if you are thinking sort of a person, which side of the fence would you rather be?

One of the reasons why a lot of people turn to alcohol is that it aids one in socializing as it makes one less inhibited and more talkative. That may largely be true, but if one were to recognize that the true measure of oneā??s abilities and this is something which can be more fun, is to achieve the same results staying sober.

Another piece of sincere advice would be to not frequent those eateries which entice you to have a drink to wash down your food with. There is almost a conspiracy hatched jointly by the food and liquor industry to suck you into this whole lifestyle and culture thing. Do steer away from this. Do not be dictated to by someone else.

Surely you have far better things to do with your time than to spend hours every day drinking yourself silly. Reclaim your life. Play tennis or golf or do network. Grow your business. What will drinking alcohol ever get you? Think of the money you will save by not drinking. Maybe you could give yourself a holiday by the ocean instead.

Remember it is in your hands to give up drinking. But you have to be committed to it. Half measures and a wavering attitude will not do. You should be able to deal with social situations or even temptation with equanimity. If you are clear in your head about what you want this will not be a problem. Learn from the example of George Bush, the onetime alcoholic who went on to become two time president of the United States.

How To Quit Drinking

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February 19, 2010

How To Terminate Alcohol Addiction

StopA lot of people want to terminate alcohol addiction but are unable to do so. Due to the fact that for them alcohol has become a part of their daily lives, so much so that they do not have a clue as to how they would live their life without it. The first thing that they need to do is to accept that they need help. Now that help may be in the shape of a doctor or a support group like Alcoholics Anonymous. The fact of the matter is that while there are those who are strong willed enough to give up drinking entirely on their own, most people with an Alcohol Addiction problem need help to cope with the withdrawal symptoms associated with giving up alcohol.

If you are of the opinion that you have an alcohol addiction, it might be a good idea to give up drinking alcohol under medical supervision. A doctor will be able to guide and advise you during the initial difficult period. He may prescribe medicines that will enable you to safely give up drinking. He could later similarly give you medicines to stay sober.

Then there are nutritional supplements that aid people trying to terminate alcohol addiction. B-complex vitamins, as also vitamins A, C, D and E can help mitigate withdrawal symptoms to some extent. Reducing the caffeine and sugar content too can reduce the craving for alcohol. Sugars are found in desserts, fizzy drinks, cakes and candy. Even the intake of fruits and juices should be reduced. White sugar in tea and coffee is a big no no.

So far as caffeine intake is concerned it has to be goodbye to both tea and sugar unless they happen to be of the decaffeinated variety. If one can overcome the craving for sugar and caffeine, that is a huge step towards the reduction of craving for alcohol.

Simultaneously one should ensure that one is consuming healthy quantities of nutritional food to help oneā??s liver deal with the rigors of detoxification. There are in fact two ways of giving up drinking. The first is to give up at once and permanently, which a lot of people have been able to accomplish with the force of their will power. Most people however start with cutting down consumption progressively, until one day they are able to do so completely. It might be a good idea to monitor oneā??s progress going forward. There may be a stumble every once in a while, but as long as ones is in the main maintaining steady progress in attaining oneā??s goal of eventual total abstinence, one is on the right track.

It is always wonderful to interact with other people undergoing similar travails and exchanging notes and encouraging each other can help one be motivated in staying the course of terminating alcohol addiction and continue on the path to freedom from dependency on alcohol.

How To Quit Drinking

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February 12, 2010

First Signs Of Alcoholism And Dealing With Alcohol Addiction

StopNausea, fevers, sweating, shakiness, anxiety, loss-of-focus, depression are all symptoms that tell you to knock off the bottle. They are signs of extreme alcohol dependency and addiction. When drunk, constant rambling, moodiness and a bad temper are just a few of the noticeable changes that are easily seen in an alcohol addict.

One can be said to have an addiction to alcohol when spending money on alcohol takes priority over other domestic needs like food, clothes, kids etc. When this is the case and alcohol means a person and their family going short on such basic items, eventually desperation takes over, and everything just falls apart as alcohol addiction takes over a person’s life.

Alcohol addicts are a sad bunch. The stories of low income houses getting destroyed by liquor are all true and all the more brutal in reality. The stories of rich kids slamming their million dollar cars into people on the road are true and increasing as we speak. When your breath constantly smells foul and you can’t control the urge to drink, you know you need help.

Alcohol may not be as addicting as say a hard drug like Heroin but certain addicts are so severely used to it that it causes mayhem with their mental and physical systems when the constant trickle of alcohol is stopped.

Some people drink every night without fail and drink till the whites in their eyes are no longer white. They may or may not realize their problem but they continue anyway. Because it is not easy to stop once you get on the booze train.

Doctors now prescribe special medicines for repelling alcohol from the body, making it taste awful. Get addicted to less harmful substances like caffeine instead, while you lean away the alcohol withdrawal pain.

Every addict reaches a point where he/she questions themselves as to why they drink this weird awful stuff in the first place. It is so tasteless and bad. Then they wish they’d never touched it ever. They begin to crave for the freedom they had when they never used to drink at all. Addiction is a deep vortex which takes one rock-bottom into the depths of despair.

Few manage to give up when they face it the worst. Most continue to drink without fatal consequences. But many fall to the evil of alcohol and bring death to themselves and others around them. The stories of the clumsy rum-drinking captain may read nice in story books but children must be warned about the dangers and the realities of drinking and its consequences much earlier than high school. They must be properly explained and not just given an overview along with a contradictory counter-productive curiosity to go and try alcohol.

Governments around the world need to ban alcohol alongside the already banned less-harmful products. At least extra taxation of alcohol and subsidies on juices and health drinks will help correct this ill of the society.

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February 6, 2010

How To Help An Alcoholic Stop Drinking Alcohol On Their Own

StopIf you are reading this article, it is because you need tips about How To Help An Alcoholic. Let’s get things clear from the start, that helping an alcoholic depends only on their determination to succeed and good old will power. Your job will be to get the ball rolling, and stick by your friend or family member, while they suffer the effects of giving up alcohol. Read on and you will soon know exactly how you can help an alcoholic stop drinking on their own…

It is not necessary that a person attends meetings at Alcoholics Anonymous or join a rehabilitation center to quit incessant drinking. Drinking was an addiction that gets into somebody through their own will, and on the whole most alcoholics give themselves excuses for seeking solace in alcohol. In the same manner, an alcoholic can quit drinking on their own. Several sites dedicate sections on “how to stop drinking on your own”. Let us be clear about this – no amount of attending meetings at the local AA or endless sessions and therapies at a rehab can help you quit the practice of drinking unless an alcoholic realizes the need to do so and have the determination and will to overcome the terrible cravings.

The steps below mentioned elaborate on how to stop drinking on your own, and will set the ground rules in starting to help an alcoholic;-

1) An alcoholic must remove all liquor bottles wherever they may be stashed – That includes at work, at home, gym locker etc.

2) He/she should Shun all forms of alcoholic drink and let family and friends know that they are abstaining from alcohol.

3) They should avoid contact with their drinking friends. They are the ones who will be the constant reminder of the existing relationship with alcohol and it is better to cut off contact from them until the alcoholic feels that they keep their cravings under control and not succumb to temptations.

4) Avoid going to pubs and discotheques with bars. Rather resort to entertainment like parks, movies, sports and family gatherings where liquor is not present. That includes going to parties that serve liquor without their family member or friend who is supportive of their decision to abstain from alcohol. If an alcoholic has the obligation to attend, then ensure that the watchdog stays with them throughout the party and is willing to stop them from consuming liquor.

This is not as easy as it seems but if an alcoholic has the will and determination, their battle is half won. Now you might wonder if shunning their friends for the sake of booze may drive them away. Remember that true friends and relationships will only be happy about their decision and support it.

Other steps you can take to keep their mind off alcohol including getting involved in projects that will keep them occupied. If their work life is too stressful, they will be tempted to taste a wee bit of alcohol but should not succumb to their cravings. Instead, an alcoholic should reduce their work load stress or even volunteer for community projects as a distraction. Starting yoga, exercise at the gym or meditation classes will also help an alcoholic a great deal to reduce stress levels.

An alcoholic should consult their physician before attempting total abstinence. People sometimes experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms that can even be life threatening. Therefore, make sure the alcoholic knows what to expect beforehand, and also about the dangers of carrying on drinking, so a trip to the physician will take care of these points.

How To Quit Drinking

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