March 27, 2010

How To Quit Alcohol Through The Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps

StopThe Alcoholics Anonymous or AA is one of the oldest organizations that help self-confessed alcoholics to abstain from drinking by seeking support from other members who have been addicted to alcohol and finding different ways to shun it for lifetime and resume life like normal. Its origins can be traced somewhere to the mid 1800s but there are no such clear facts or figures as it is a non-registered, nonprofit organization spread across the entire world, who offer the alcoholics anonymous 12 steps plan, and it works.

It is very simple to attend an AA meeting. You do not have to enroll or register. All you have to do is check where the next AA meeting is being held in your local town or city. Get the details from the web site or your local paper and just go and attend it. You do not need to divulge details on your name or occupation and it is expected that all other members of the AA attending the meeting preserve anonymity. Therefore, the name Alcoholics Anonymous! After all, they are present for the same reason that you are – to get support in abstaining from alcohol.

Most AA meetings involve members of the meeting sharing their experiences about how their life was affected by alcohol and what steps they took or did not take to keep away from alcohol. It also touches the emotional aspects of being an alcoholic and how one can get life back to normal after the effects of alcohol on their family, friends, work and themselves. Sometimes, AA meetings can describe about their alcoholics anonymous 12 steps towards abstaining from alcohol. This alcoholics anonymous 12 steps program has a spiritual incline and sometimes members may not benefit too much from this unless they have belief and faith. However, sharing oneā??s own experiences and listening to other peopleā??s life stories can have a catharsis like impact on the person and thus have some therapeutic effect. Also, most alcoholics abstaining from alcohol become close friends with other AA members as they are going through the same phase of life and struggle and can be more empathetic than their own family and friends.

AA does not solicit membership or retain any control on its members. It is also not a charitable organization that any alcoholic can use to seek monetary or non-monetary help. It also does not have any specific counseling sessions or acts as a qualifying or certifying authority for lawyers, parole boards or any other organizations. It also does not provide any conditions through which one can decide if he or she is an alcoholic or not. If you think you have an alcohol problem, you are welcome and if you feel it does not help you, you can stop coming after one attendance.

Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps

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March 20, 2010

The Successful Ways to Quit Drinking Know-How

StopKnowing How To Quit Drinking, whether it be for yourself or for somebody you know is the key to eliminating alcohol successfully from a person’s life. The ways to quit drinking basically have to do with seeking and getting professional help apart from having a firm support system in place. People who have a drinking problem are faced with three stark choices. They will drink themselves to death; their irresponsible behavior will see them institutionalized or imprisoned or they can decide to clean up their act. In each of these cases the end result is that one quits drinking. Now as to which course of action one would select depends upon oneā??s circumstances and mental pre-disposition.

A vital first step on the road to giving up drinking is identifying the reasons that make one consider giving up drinking. Things like health related problems, career, family and social issues or any other issues that one knows will get resolved if one were to give up drinking. It would be a good idea to prepare a list from these and paste copies of it at strategic places like the refrigerator, the bathroom shaving mirror or any other similar place. What this does is keeps one motivated to stay away from drinks and drinking.

Second, one could make out a plan for gradually reducing the intake of liquor to the point that one quits drinking. This makes it easier for hardened drinkers to gradually ease themselves out of a long ingrained habit. While one is at it, one must monitor progress, and not get duly perturbed by the occasional lapse. The main reason for success is perseverance.

It is very possible that one may often not be able to give up drinking on their own. In such cases it is prudent to consult a doctor, because once a person has become an alcoholic, he is suffering from a disease which only medical treatment can cure. One thing that is critically important is the fact that one needs to possibly change oneā??s lifestyle to a sensible one. If that means that one should quit associating with certain people like oneā??s former drinking buddies, or quit being in social situations which require drinking one should go ahead and make those changes.

One could also consider joining support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous who can be a great help in motivating one to quit, especially when all its members are or have been in a similar situation and therefore in a position to offer insightful help. And lastly when one has cleaned up oneā??s act, one owes it to oneself to stay resolute and not fall back to the old ways. If that means learning to say no to old friends and acquaintances, one should do so. The gains that coming out of a state of sapping alcoholism accrue to a person came after a lot of hard work and sacrifice. One owes it to oneself to fight tooth and nail to preserve those gains.

How To Quit Drinking

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March 13, 2010

How To Quit Drinking Tips

StopAre you having too many problems with your drinking habit? Is your family suffering in silence? Then take steps now and learn How To Quit Drinking alcohol for a bright future. You should begin by seeing your doctor who will examine you and guide you on how to initiate. On the other hand, you can contact a support group in your vicinity. Sometimes people set a date somewhere in the near future to quit using alcohol. Even though some people manage to control this habit on their own, some have to seek professional help in order to manage the withdrawal symptoms.

So if you feel you are addicted to alcohol, talk to your doctor as to whether you have to withdraw from alcohol addiction only under medical supervision or not. Withdrawals can be really bad and they can make you feel depressed to say the least. So your doctor will give you the right medication so that you may safely withdraw from your addiction to alcohol. Your health care provider may prescribe you further medication at a later date in order to help you stay sober. Overall, with the help of a medical professional it is easier and safer to manage the withdrawal successfully.

If you want to know how to quit taking alcohol, then take note of the vast array of benefits that you will experience:-

1. Alcohol cessation will help you in getting a better immune system. It will reduce your health problems and prevent problems like liver damage.

2. In case you are pregnant, your baby will grow in a safer and better environment.

3. Alcohol consumption usually affects personal relationships. Therefore you will be safe from family rejection and your family will be able to enjoy you more.

4. Erasing alcohol from your life will help you in increasing your productivity both at home and in the office.

5. It will improve your focus and you will start to enjoy reading and studying again, and you will once again return to training your brain.

6. On the whole people who drink alcohol proceed to drive their vehicle without contemplating the dangers of drink driving. If you quit drinking alcohol, you will not get into any drink drive related legal trouble.

There are many hospitals and organizations that help you to cut down on or quit the consumption of alcohol. They will provide you with the knowledge regarding what it does to your body and also give you emotional support as soon as you have quit drinking. This applies especially if you abuse alcohol or you are completely dependent on alcohol.

Most of the time, the groups in such organizations comprise of people who have had an alcohol related problem in their past. Even though they are at the forefront, your identity remains anonymous. At times these groups provide you with psychologists and other health professionals to make your treatment as effective as possible. You can even choose to talk to them by phone, if you don’t feel ready to attend their support programs.

How To Quit Drinking

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March 5, 2010

How To Quit Drinking – Just Say No To Alcohol!

StopIf you want to found out How To Quit Drinking, then just ask an alcoholic to give ten reasons why he or she drinks incessantly. Most alcoholics would have started drinking to find comfort in something that they are lacking. The excuse could be anything – shyness, lack of love or affection. Finally, at some point of time they forget the main reason why they started drinking and get addicted to drinking. However, drinking is no substitute for anything that you are lacking in life. In fact, it can only deteriorate the existing quality of life. There have been several average successful and prosperous people in life who have plummeted to the lowest of living owing to their addiction to alcohol.

Drinking does not only harm the alcoholic physically and mentally, family and friends close to that person also suffer mentally and sometimes physically. There are enough statistics around the entire world that prove that a large amount of domestic violence, physical and mental abuse, broken relationships, and broken homes stem from alcoholism of just one member of the family. Are not these sufficient reasons for one alcoholic to stop drinking? After all, who wants to see their and their loved ones life crumbling just because of them?

There are several other practical reasons for not drinking alcohol. Alcoholics are always at the risk of contracting several other medical conditions like lung or liver cancer, heart disorders and brain and nerve damage. Alcoholics are also more likely to pick up habits like cigarette smoking and drugs. In fact, according to certain statistics, alcoholics are more likely to die 15 years earlier than the others because of such conditions. And one must not forget that a large number of accidents can be attributed to drunken driving.

Alcohol can just not kill you physically; it can cause severe damage to your lifestyle. If you have been an average man with a good family and a good job and then succumb to alcohol addiction, it can have a devastating effect on you and your family. As an alcoholic you can do depraving things under the effect of alcohol that you would later regret for the entire lifetime. Not only will you suffer from depression and anxiety, you are bound to spread that effect on your entire family.

If you want to be in control of your life, stop drinking. The effect of alcohol is a mere illusion and once you are back to reality, you will hate yourself for what you have done. Enjoy this miracle of life! If you are worried or concerned about something, seek help from your family and friends. Seek spiritual guidance and help. Preoccupy yourself with your work and involve yourself in charity affairs. It is never too late to say no to alcohol!

How To Quit Drinking

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