September 26, 2010

Alcohol Treatment Centers With Online Support

StopAlcohol treatment centers have successfully cured millions of people around the world. Their success rate is due to their passion and dedication to healing others, so they enjoy a happy life. It is always difficult to accept the fact that your son or daughter might be an alcohol addict. But this is the sad reality today, because alcohol addiction has spread to all age groups. Teens generally smoke pot in a deserted alley behind their school. College students often try marijuana in their basement. They have even resorted to steal when they run out of money to buy alcohols.

Alcohol addiction is also claiming a lot of lives. People suffering from depression and anxiety usually find a way out of their accumulated emotions loosen. They make the serious mistake to assume that drinking alcohol will help them to forget their problems. People who have personal problems on a daily basis will fall prey to alcohol addiction. Some take to drugs and alcohol together that’s a lethal combination and ultimately leads to loss of life.

If you recently discovered that your partner is the victim of alcohol addiction, do not run away from the grim reality. Accept the truth and have him admitted into an inpatient alcohol treatment center. Rest assured that all possible care, whether psychological or medical, will be provided for the patient until he fully recovers. These centers also deal with cases of alcohol addiction.

In an inpatient alcohol treatment center, doctors focus on the individual patient. This is due to the reason that no two cases are alike. Each case must be dealt individually. They usually have a 12-step program designed to focus on the source of the problem. The 12 step rehab program has met with great success everywhere.

Going to an alcohol treatment center should not be regarded as a punishment. In fact must be understood as a new beginning to someone’s life. Sometimes very serious addiction that even the victim wants to get rid of, is just beyond his control. The victim needs to be in contact with other alcoholics, and a good way to get that support is through online alcohol groups, forums and blogs, even Facebook has a roll to play being that latest communication giant that has appeared on the web over the recent few years.

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September 17, 2010

Alcoholics Anonymous – The SOS To Stop Drinking

StopThe first step towards the resolution of any problem lies in recognizing that there is a problem. This is particularly true of alcoholics. They are usually in denial of their condition, and getting them to admit that they have a problem is the first big step. The Alcoholics Anonymous is a network of people who come to the aid of alcoholics who are trying to quit drinking. It is of immense help because its members are themselves alcoholics trying to quit the habit.

They endeavor to help each other by sharing experiences, and give each other advice and inspiration. There is no membership fee, the only criterion being the desire to quit drinking. The organization is supported by contributions of its members and is not in any way allied with any sect, organization, institution or politics. The main reason for the existence of Alcoholics Anonymous is the desire of its members to stay sober.

The people of Alcoholics Anonymous are aware of the fact that they have a problem in so far as staying sober in the day to day life is concerned. They realize that in order for them to avoid catastrophic consequences for themselves they need to stop drinking themselves to oblivion. They operate through local groups in thousands of communities in over 150 countries worldwide who render yeomen service in curbing the menace of alcoholism.

In Alcoholics Anonymous or AA parlance alcoholism is described as a physical compulsion coupled with a mental obsession. What that means is that alcoholics consume alcohol in excess of what is good for them, have no sense of restraint when it comes to consuming alcohol, and in fact need help in get the problem under control.

An alcoholic goes through some horrendous moments in his life, when he sees the very foundations of everything he holds dear like his family, his friends, his job, his hobbles , his talents begin to crumble right before his eyes. How he deals with situation will often determine whether he will extricate himself from this mess. Here is where the Alcoholics Anonymous network can give him invaluable support as it has in its ranks people who have undergone similar troubles and successfully overcome them.

An important mantra observed by AA members is the importance achieved to firstly achieving sobriety and secondly staying that way. The best way to do this is by observing members who have successfully achieved this goal, and following in their footsteps.

The reason behind AA‚??s success in weaning off people from alcohol is the fact that there are no grandiose plans made to stay away from alcohol forever. Instead members are encouraged to stay sober twenty four hours at a time. If there is an urge to drink, one tries to postpone satiation till the next day. This way one attempts to stay away from liquor and sober for the longest period of time.

What alcoholics have to recognize is the fact that they will always remain alcoholics no matter how long they have been without a drink, which means that they cannot ever again take the chance of drinking normally or socially. Therefore one is encouraged to stay in the state of sobriety and be happy at that achievement.

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September 11, 2010

Online Alcoholism Support – The History of Alcoholics Anonymous

StopEveryone has heard of Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, sometime in their life. Simply defined AA is a fellowship of people from all walks of life that are fighting to stay sober and at the same time help others who are also trying to achieve sobriety as well. AA was founded in 1935 by two alcoholics that committed themselves to quitting drinking and also felt like there were others out there that had the same problem.

Since that time there has been several different AA‚??s that have been established in several different countries across the world that have been committed to helping people win their fight with sobriety. There are more than 100,000 Alcoholics Anonymous groups across the world that has well over 2 million members which is a staggering amount. All of the AA groups do not require a membership fee and are self funded through different contributions. The main thing that unites these people across the globe is their willingness to obtain sobriety and having the means to maintain it.

There are a lot of people who have tried to stop drinking on their own and there are also still others that have tried to rely on the support of their family and friends only because either the courts or even their jobs have made it mandatory. Most generally these are the cases that fail. In order for a person to stop drinking they need the additional help of a great support group that has members that are in similar situations. This is where Alcoholics Anonymous comes into play.

Even if the person was placed in a treatment facility and did not feel like attending the AA meetings it is mandatory that they do in order for them to graduate from the program. Remember AA is for those people that have committed themselves to leading a sober life. There are twelve different steps that are involved and every alcoholic will need to go through in order for them to overcome their addiction to alcohol and also confront those issues that caused them to begin drinking.

There are Alcoholics Anonymous meetings that are held all over the world in churches or other meeting facilities and when you attend one of these meetings you are encouraged to share your experiences with the other members but you are not made to the choice is yours. This is especially true for the newer members. Today though many people drawn to alcoholism and who are drawn to the Internet as part of their daily life, have chosen to join Alcoholics Anonymous online as a new era of communication dawns.

Recovery is not an easy process by no means for anyone. Your best bet would be to take it one step at a time and one day at time. Also be sure that you begin with Alcoholics Anonymous right away as they will help you achieve your goal.

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September 8, 2010

Only Recognised Alcoholics Get The Alcoholic Treatment They Need

StopAn alcoholic does not always realize that they are one. They are usually the last one to know, and by the time they realize their plight, well they are already the object of derision, hate, pity and fear. People tend to avoid them, and an alcoholic is quite often a lonely person.

This is because things have reached such an all time low, that life just centers on a daily requirement of alcohol. Nothing seems more important, not even work or family and certainly not their own persona. Many are the lives that have been ruined because of this affliction. The tragedy is duplicated if an alcoholic also happens to support a family, especially small children. The impact of wrong choices can and usually have a devastating impact on the lives of the people in direct contact with an alcoholic.

Even from the point of view of economics the damage caused to any nation‚??s economy runs into many many million dollars. In fact alcoholism is a major problem across the world. In Russia for example an unbelievably high number of people are alcoholics. Part of it because of the long tradition of drinking the nation has had. But their economy has suffered hugely on account of many man days lost due to alcoholism. England for example is more often than not in the news for the rowdy behavior of its inebriated football fans. Now many of these youngsters are alcoholics without even realizing it and need alcoholic treatment.

In developing countries where millions of poor people cannot afford good quality liquor; there are deaths reported by the hundreds every year on account of consumption of spurious liquor by the poor. Besides that, alcoholics often get violent and even engage in crime to finance their bad habit. Of late a lot of women have started drinking a lot, and there is an increasing number of them who too are becoming alcoholics. What makes matters worse is the fact that women have lower thresholds of tolerance to the consumption of liquor. Moreover alcohol can have a devastating impact on women‚??s‚?? fertility and cause a number of other complications.

Alcoholism is something which has to be fought on many fronts. First of all the alcoholic himself has to realize that he has a problem and seek help and an alcoholic treatment plan. His family too should come forward and extend support. Society, government and the medical community have to do their bit to tackle this black spot on society. This is easier said than done because drinking as such is not a social taboo in most countries, and it is in fact an accepted social custom, with even occasional binges been looked upon with indulgence. It is imperative that the problem receives the serious attention it deserves, because lives depend upon it daily.

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September 7, 2010

Why Do We Drink Alcohol Anyway? …And Discovering How To Quit

StopPeople drink for a number of reasons. One major reason is cultural. For most societies drinking is a cultural phenomenon. There is social sanction for it. Just as there is for drinking tea or coffee. You may raise a toast, celebrate a national victory in a sport with a drink, or drink as a rites of passage test-there are many cultural reasons for doing it. In fact the tradition of drinking in humans probably dates to pre-history. All civilizations-ancient and extant have had people consuming alcohol, and there are ample references in both ancient and modern literature to the practice of consuming alcohol.

In fact the social aspect of drinking is very important to most cultures. Drinking alcohol with friends and in the company of our social acquaintances is considered to be healthy fun while drinking alcohol alone is looked upon with suspicion. It has always proven impossible to ban or regulate drinking. People will always find a way to do it. This has been the experience around the world, not just in America.

So strongly is drinking alcohol entrenched in our lives that it occupies a place as important as food, religion and sex in most of our lives. Drinking cannot be banished from people’s lives. Drinking makes people gregarious, and uninhibited, qualities which are desirable in people for them to get along with each other. Perhaps that explains its popularity. But it can also make people get depressed, violent and abusive, and consuming too much of it over a long period of time, can ruin one’s health, not to speak of finances and family life.

People also drink because they like the taste of alcohol which they have developed over a period of time. This is a pleasure that they do not derive from non-alcoholic drinks. Alcohol comes with many unique aromas and tastes which is the effect of yeasts, distillation and spending time in barrels, which can never be replicated with non-alcoholic drinks. In fact for connoisseurs this business of taste, aroma and fragrances is the highest form of art! Aware that alcohol when consumed in excess can do severe damage most people drink in moderation. Their contention is that just because some people do not have the sense to not go overboard with their drinking, it does not follow that all drinking is bad. Everything done in excess is bad for you, so there is no point in throwing the baby with the bath water, they would say.

Most people say that they drink in order to bond and nothing helps make this process smoother than a couple of drinks. Sure you can possibly bond just as well without the drinks if you tried hard enough, but what harm does it do anyone if drinking makes the process more enjoyable. People who have to drink will continue to do so, nor withstanding campaigns, legislation and plain disapproval. They have been doing so since the dawn of time. It is almost as if it is ingrained in their DNA.

I hope you have enjoyed this article, and may have in some way inspired you to quit drinking alcohol – or maybe you know somebody else that needs such inspiration to quit, so please feel free to share this cultural insight into why we do actually drink alcohol.

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September 3, 2010

How To Quit Drinking At Home

Here’s a great video which can help you… it introduces 7 step process to quit drinking, end alcohol abuse, stop binge-drinking or break any bad habit or addiction.

7 Step Method to Quit Drinking (Alcohol Rehab Program: Day 1)

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