October 11, 2010

Ways To Help A Friend Quit Drinking

This video explains in 10 easy steps just how you can help a friend or family member how to quit drinking, and should be watched before ever considering taking on such a challenge…

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October 8, 2010

How To Start Off Giving Up Drinking

If you’re fed up with the effects that alcohol has on you every time you begin drinking, then without a doubt it’s time for you to give up drinking. Maybe you aren’t addicted to alcohol, but giving it up sure provides a long list of benefits. giving up drinking will help avoid heart disease, over weight, liver disease, and the famous hangovers. Stopping altogether may lead you along a bumpy road, so you need to have a large reserve of will power and be dedicated enough once you have made your decision. There are many steps and each step has its own challenges to overcome. But if you are in the right frame of mind and have a positive attitude, there is nothing that you can’t achieve, including giving up drinking.

First of all, it helps to talk about your problem with a doctor or a specialized therapist, but bear in mind that you will probably experience withdrawal symptoms, and if they aren’t dealt with under supervision, they can be life threatening. Should you experience critical withdrawal symptoms like anxiety attacks, then don’t think twice about getting you need to seek medical assistance, as it’s so tough to manage them on your own. If these symptoms aren’t taken care of, then you are bound to suffer from severe delirium which would be extremely detrimental to your health

Then, you need to take a look at your attitude and work out if you really are ready to give up drinking. The majority of alcoholics tend to treat alcohol as a friend that they just can’t live without. When they eventually do give up drinking, it will feel like an important part of them is missing. But if you manage to change that way of thinking, you will truly understand that alcohol had never been a friend at all, but an enemy within.

It will help to remind yourself that you are doing a very noble thing by giving up drinking. Drinking alcohol does affect your overall health and you should consider it your responsibility to keep your body from being abused by harmful substances, especially those which you don’t have complete control over. A decision to quit drinking can be compared to freeing yourself from a lifetime in prison.

If you are really serious with regards to giving up drinking, then dispose of anything that may remind you of alcohol, like bottles of spirits, cork screws, bottle openers and so on. Save the money that you would have spent on alcohol, and you will be just amazed at just how much you are able to put aside by giving up drinking alcohol. You can spend that money on the people that you most love in your life, so that they too can see the difference in you through giving up drinking.

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October 7, 2010

How To Quit An Alcohol Addiction Cold Turkey – FREE Video

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October 5, 2010

Treatment For Alcohol Addiction In 10 Easy Steps

StopAn addiction to anything can be so difficult to overcome, since the mind and body will crave for it until you actually get it. If you are addicted to alcohol, or have become addicted to alcoholic liquids without even knowing that you were addicted, and you want to put a stop to it, here are among the 10 best steps that can help get treatment for alcohol addiction.

1. First of all must make that decision that you really do want to get rid of your addiction. Success in overcoming an addiction will depend on your own actions, so if you are determined enough to make a real start, then …

Seek the support of a friend or family member who will be readily available to tend to your needs and listen to your problems while you overcome the addiction. A support group can do much to help you stick to your goals and succeed in the treatment of your addiction to alcohol.

Make changes to your daily routine and lifestyle. One of the first steps that can help make a good start in the fight against addiction will be to make some drastic changes in your lifestyle. You may want to avoid drinking binges and parties that can lead you to alcohol consumption again.

Avoid things that remind you of alcohol consumption. If you smoke, you can also try to quit smoking, which may lead you back to the temptation of drinking alcohol.

5. Stay away from people that influence alcohol consumption. Stop hanging out with friends who are also abusing alcohol. In this way, you can forget about alcohol.

6. Find ways to manage stress in your daily life. Avoid stress and problems in your life that is often a factor that pushes people towards alcohol in the first place, so learn new techniques to overcome stress and other problems in your life. Exercise, meditate or just going for a quiet vacation can be a great way to relax.

7. Seek help from a hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy is a good supplementary treatment for addiction to alcohol. You can even get a self-hypnosis CD to help you perform hypnosis on your own and clear your mind of the many tempting thoughts focusing on the consumption of alcohol.

8. Try cognitive-behavioral therapy with a professional therapist. One of the effective techniques to overcome alcoholism, phobias, fears and anxieties, and such addictions is cognitive behavioral therapy. This will help you come to terms with your addiction, and then help you get rid of it as quick as it came into your life, and this will also help you learn useful problem coping skills to face life’s challenges without resorting to alcohol.

9. Practice relaxation techniques. One of the easiest ways to start making some changes in your life is to find relaxation techniques to help you cope with the difficulties of life and help you get rid of anxiety.

10. Find new things that can help you deal with the void left in your life. Learn a new sport or interest. Divert your attention to productive things that can be enjoyed during your leisure. A new sport, a new hobby or new friends can be the perfect start to make a change for the better.

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October 1, 2010

Stop Drinking Advice For Stubborn Alcoholics

StopAnybody recovering from a drinking difficulty would tell you that it’s not a straightforward feat. It requires time, great effort and patience not merely on your behalf but also on the part of your family and friends. You shouldn’t just look at saving yourself from an alcohol dependent life, but also prevent passing on your bad habits to anybody else that you may have influence over. Everyone around you, especially impressionable children are susceptible to bad examples.

We all need to be able to identify if anybody close to us needs stop drinking advice, although, the hardest part would always be to get an alcoholic to admit that he really does have a problem. If you really feel that life would be like hell without alcohol inside your system, then you certainly have a problem. In the event you feel as though you really do have such a problem, then the time has come to seek stop drinking advice.

Expert medical assistance would be very beneficial in these situations, especially when faced with secondary problems like relapses or withdrawal. In fact getting medical stop drinking advice is a must, as just by giving up drinking, your life could be at risk.

All those people who are really form part of your life would also play an essential role in your recovery from alcohol. They would serve as a motivation to keep off the drink, as you will always feel so good when they say how proud they are of you. They are also able to help keep track of your progress and assist you in reaching daily goals.

Apart from a doctor and family and friends, it is the actual alcoholic who needs to really help himself remain dry. The best advice to stop drinking is to listen to that team of people around you, and don’t listen to any other negative voice, whether it be from other drinking friends or even that other voice we all have inside our heads.

Remind yourself every day of the blessings you’ll lose should you continue with this bad habit, and always remember the real reasons that made you decide to stop drinking in the first place. Challenge yourself a little harder each day; push your limits a little at a time. Until eventually, all your efforts eventually pay off. The day you truly begin to lead an alcohol free life, you will become a significantly much better person than before, and life will suddenly have a new meaning for you.

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