March 28, 2011

10 Tips To Help An Alcoholic Quit Drinking

StopWhen ever somebody is in the position to help somebody else quit drinking, and is successful in doing so, then that particular person will without a doubt feel really great after seeing the true results of their achievement.

Although this may seem to be a great quest for anybody to carry out, it goes without saying that alcoholics truly need to be able to help themselves before anybody else can put themselves in a position to help them. An alcoholic needs to possess that wish to truly become completely sober, and as soon as that is quite clear in their head, we can put ourselves into a position to help them quit drinking alcohol.

So if you are in the position to actually help an alcoholic quit drinking; and that could mean actually living under the same roof as the alcoholic, then you will need to follow the following 10 tips to help then reach that alcohol free light at the end of the tunnel.

1) Do not let them to talk you round into giving them money, not even for a coffee. Money means temptation.

2) Don’t allow them to rule the roost in anyway, and they must accept that they are no longer in control of their lives, up until alcohol is history.

3) So make it clear that they can only live with you, under you guidelines, otherwise they are out on their own, and that this is their only chance left to become sober.

4) There will be a number of different mood swings, so always be patient and understanding, but without weakening your stand.

5) Make sure they get any health-related medical support they may need for to quit drinking, so a trip to the Doctors together is a must.

6) Always talk to an alcoholic about the positive sides of being sober without the need for alcohol.

7) Tell them just how much you care for them and that you are there to help them out with their alcohol recovery 24 hours a day.

8) Take them out for long walks, so that they get plenty of wholesome exercise.

9) Introduce them to new friends that don’t rely on alcohol to get though the day, or try and find previous alcoholics through AA, who can also give great testimonies about living without alcohol.

10) Get them interested in taking up a new hobby, sporting activity or anything that will help them to take their mind off alcohol.

Good luck with your Samaritan mission in helping an alcoholic quit drinking, and please do take a look at the following stop drinking guide

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“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With Alcoholism”

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March 21, 2011

Follow The Road To Giving Up Drinking Alcohol

Do you want to give up drinking? – Or do you know somebody else that you think could improve their way of life by giving up drinking?

Drinking alcohol can be the road to misery for many people, and is the road to failure for alcoholics, so check out this video and begin to follow the road to giving up drinking alcohol today…

FREE Guide For Giving Up Drinking
“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With Alcoholism”

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March 16, 2011

The Ten Step Treatment For Alcohol Addiction

FREE Stop Drinking Guide
“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With

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March 15, 2011

How You CAN Quit An Alcohol Addiction Cold Turkey

StopWhen a close friend or household member confronts you about your alcohol addiction, you will really feel as though you’re completely worthless to society, particularly coming from someone you might truly love. But don’t shy away as this could be your initial step towards overcoming your alcohol addiction.

Now, quitting an alcohol dependency might be the hardest thing you’ve ever tried in your lifetime, and It certainly was for me when I finally surrendered to my addiction after several years of consuming alcohol. What I would like to explain in this blog post are the ways which I found to help me get through one of the hardest periods of my life.

Quitting an alcohol addiction cold turkey is some thing you must really be prepared for. You need to have it really clear in your mind that this decision will be fulfilled to the end as only this will help in combating your addiction to alcohol.

You must initially have a desire to alter your existing lifestyle and have that want to lead a healthier and happier life. Promise yourself that as soon as you start your voyage towards sobriety, that you won’t do a u-turn and return to that horrible life you possessed before.

First of all, I picked a date to start my new alcohol free life and I stuck to it. You can not change your mind for any reason once you have selected a date. Prolonging time would only make issues worse. So, once you have chosen that date, stick with it no matter what happens or what thoughts might enter into your mind about prolonging your alcohol needs for an additional day.

I made a promise to myself that I’d never return the bottle again. I must admit, over the initial few weeks it really was a tough ride, and I continued thinking about alcohol virtually all day long, but I knew that I couldn’t go back on my word, no matter how I was feeling.

Whenever I was possessed with those thoughts about drinking, I would just have a firm trust in how my life would change, not only for myself, but for my family too. They had put up with so many issues throughout my alcoholic years, and I just refused to allow myself to let my family down again.

One of the biggest fears I had had prior to quitting my alcohol addiction cold turkey was that I would regret having given up so soon. That was the main reason that I hadn’t been able to stop years before, as I tried to convince myself that the damage had already been done, and that my life was in such a mess anyway, so why bother quitting. So I just continued drinking myself towards self destruction, until I finally realized that I was also hurting my family as well as killing myself at the exact same time. That was my wake up call!!!

I did have cravings and urges at the beginning of my journey, as my demons possessed me, torturing me with a need for alcohol. I just had to be stronger, and when I changed my attitude to being positive, it just gave me even more determination to make it over this giant hurdle that I just had to stride over on my own.

Needless to say I managed the hard way with my alcohol addiction, and did it cold turkey. I have listed several other things that I needed to confront throughout the time I spent removing that alcohol addiction from my life in the free stop drinking report mentioned below…

FREE Stop Drinking Guide
“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With Alcoholism”

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March 3, 2011

How To Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption

StopOn the whole most heavy drinkers at some stage in their life will either consider to stop drinking or just to cut down on the booze. The underlying question that they ponder on is how? To be able to tackle that question we first need to find out how life can change by cutting back or even quitting alcohol, which is exactly what we are going to do.

So what goals do we actually want to achieve by giving up alcohol is the question we need to asking ourselves, and then write down the answers so we don’t forget at a later stage. These are the sort of questions that you might find asking yourself;- Would I like to improve my lifestyle? Does my family need a better relationship with me? Does my health need improving? What is it that really wants me to drink less?

A recent study carried on people who wanted to give up drinking had some very interesting results. Out of a hundred people who wanted to give up, only half had to write down their main objectives and after a 3 month period 85% of them had actually achieved their goals.

On the other hand out of the other 50 people, only 8% managed to achieve their main objectives. The deciding factor in these cases is that you really do need to know exactly what you want in order to achieve your goal, for example getting off alcohol. So the primary task is to set yourself some realistic goals and always remember that you control the drinking and not the other way around.

You see, alcohol and your body don’t go, but just how many people out there carry on drinking alcohol when they know this? This should make you think before the next time you have a drink; within minutes of alcohol entering your body, it infiltrates your bloodstream, your brain, your liver, your pancreas, your kidneys, your lungs and every other living tissue in your body. When you think about it, every time you have a drink of alcohol it’s slowly killing you. Now that’s a nice thought isn’t it? Did you know that heavy drinkers of alcohol are known as “Chronic Drinkers.”

Recent studies have also proven that excessive drinking will also reduce our brain size, our reactions become much slower and our memory starts to go. In further studies with MRI scanning, it has been shown that alcoholics also appear to have cognitive dysfunction. The strength of the drinks we consume is also an important factor as the stronger the alcohol content, the quicker it is absorbed into our organism.

The worst thing of all are neat spirits as they will immediately irritate the stomach lining which will actually delay its absorption. It will also have an immediate effect on our central nervous system and depresses the inhibitory centers of our brain. People drink alcohol for many reasons but all the the wrong ones, as the answer to a successful life doesn’t lie in a bottle.

FREE Stop Drinking Guide
“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With Alcoholism”

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