April 22, 2011

3 Preparation Tips To Quit Drinking Alcohol

StopJust ask yourself one straightforward thing – Are you drinking too much alcohol? In order to discover how you can stop, as well as spruce up your life, here are a few questions to seriously answer, and hopefully your very own answers will help you take the necessary action to stop drinking:-

- If you drink alcohol, do you drink when you’re depressed, sad, or suffering on your own?

- Are your family and friends extremely worried about you simply because you’re drinking too much?

- Does alcohol cause you to forget things?

- Think you’re usually late in general because you’ve been drinking alcohol the night before?

- Think you’re always falling out with friends and family regarding your alcohol predicament?

- Does your quality of life suffer due to your drinking concerns?

For those who have answered yes to any of the above questions, then you have got a serious drinking problem, or it is the starting point of one. If you find that your quality of life is suffering from alcohol then you need to stop drinking right now, because this can and definitely will lead to an early death bed. Additionally, make an appointment today to go and see your family Doctor.

If you’re reading this blog post, then you more than likely either want to quit drinking or cut back on your drinking habits, or possibly you know somebody else who you would like to see give up drinking.

Listed here are 3 stop drinking tips that can help anybody quit drinking alcohol by themselves.

1 - It is best to write every one of the wrong as well as right reasons why you want to quit alcohol or perhaps reduce your drinking habit.

I mean , “Is it with regard to your well being? Could it improve your way of life? Could it help you to sleep better? Would it help your family life? I’m sure your quit drinking listing will be a lot longer!

2 - Goal setting tips.

Let me just let you know that without establishing any personal goals, you might never stop or cut down on your drinking habit, it is that simple. Initially you will need to jot down small goals, like reducing drinking, and perhaps you can cut out drinking one night a week.

Okay now you must write your targets down and also have them in front of you as much as can. Put them on each and every door in the house if you need to, as well as have them stuck on the refrigerator.

Your objectives for eliminating alcohol from your life will look something such as this:

Primary Goal – I will cut down on my personal drinking problem starting from (Date)

Second Goal – I’ll also not drink alcohol on (day of the week)

Third Goal – starting from week 2, I’m going to cut out alcohol twice a week

Final Goal – I’ll always drive if we go out, so I can’t drink.

3 - Keep a regular record.

I know this sounds an easy enough task, but you need to do this every day and never miss a single day out, a bit like a personal diary. Ensure you set goals for the first 4 weeks, and once they have concluded, trust me you will be very surprised at you personal improvements. I have done this myself when I was an alcoholic, and it works. It is sometimes complicated but it is really fulfilling, and you will soon just never look back.

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April 14, 2011

The Dilemma Of Binge Drinking And Tips To Help Stop

Now the horrors of binge drinking can be seen in our local towns and cities every weekend of the year, as misguided youngsters can think of nothing better to do than drink until they drop, or get involved in a brawl.

As our society is seen to be trying to put a stop to binge drinking, they just don’t seem to be able to enforce the law anymore, and it’s normally the family who end up picking up the pieces and suffering with the consequences of an alcohol induced society.

The following video plants the foundation to help people stop binge drinking, although it goes without saying that we would rather have the power to stop it taking place in the first place…

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“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With Alcoholismwww.StopDrinkingAdvice.org/Free-Guide

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