August 29, 2011

Quit Drinking Alcohol By Following These Golden Tips

StopDespite what AA says, you aren’t helpless before alcohol, but alcohol is certainly helpless before you. Do not let anybody convince you that you are powerless before your addiction, since this may only present you with an ongoing battle with alcoholism. So just accept the basic fact that it is you that has the capacity to choose precisely what does or doesn’t enter into your body.

There are numerous types of alcohol, and many diverse situations in which we are going to drink it. Over time you might have developed a taste for a couple of different types of alcoholic drinks, and often drink in one or two specific places. Learn from your personal experiences, and fight the part that’s causing you the most trouble. For example, if during the week you drink one or two glasses of red or white wine with your dinner and at the weekends you are getting drunk with your friends, you no doubt know where your dilemma is, don’t you? So take the necessary steps to help reduce your own drinking behavior!!!

Perhaps you feel a desire to consume alcohol while recollecting a happy moment in your life connected with alcohol. When you catch yourself thinking like that you need to see it as a mirage, and try to re-focus your mind on the really adverse ordeals you’ve had involving alcohol.

You will find dozens and dozens of great reasons to stop or reduce drinking, from your own actual physical health and fitness to your financial outlook, from relationships and your sex life, to your emotional and religious life. Make a list and analyze it more than once, and then come up with additional good reasons. The greater number of reasons that you can generate the simpler it’s going to be to overcome your alcohol habit. As has often been said “knowledge is power”, and so the more you understand alcohol abuse the more aware you will become about what it’s actually doing to you.

Try to imagine your future without alcohol, and just how happy, healthy and loved you are going to be. Your future commences as from the actual second you recognize that alcohol won’t continue to dominate your daily life. The second you take the final decision to stop drinking alcohol is the actual moment you begin to be more healthy. The important thing to keep in mind is that your future remains undetermined, and it will be resolved in line with the measures you are taking today.

What really counts is what you’re going to do today to move your life into a better direction. Get into the habit of visualizing yourself more healthy and happier from this day forth, and mentally focus yourself on that as frequently as you can. Our minds are so powerful that you can firmly and continually focus on something to the point that it becomes our prevalent desire. We also tend to embrace our conscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings, so make that decision to believe in yourself today, and begin to focus on your own personal decision to quit drinking alcohol and a new alcohol free life. Just click on one of the links below to get immediate access to our guide to quitting alcohol

Quit Drinking Alcohol
“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With Alcoholism”

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August 22, 2011

The Main Benefits Of Stopping Drinking

Maybe you were aware that even moderate drinking isn’t 100% risk-free, and that roughly 1 in 3 men, and approximately 1 in 7 adult women, drink more than the established recommendations, and did you know that if you do drink more than the recommended quantity, you may well be putting your health at risk.

In the modern western world we live in, it is considered normal to drink alcohol from time to time, or even drink moderate levels of alcohol regularly, but it appears that knowing the long-term effects of such unhealthy habits is just not enough to inspire people to change their lifestyle, so we need to take a better look at the tremendous benefits of stopping drinking alcohol, to actually manage to quit.

This video tutorial does reveal the key benefits of stopping drinking, and make sure you also grab the free guide to help dealing with alcoholism, by clicking on the link below this video.

Benefits Of Stopping Drinking
“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With Alcoholism”

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August 15, 2011

Video Tutorial For Alcoholics – Tips To Help Stop Drinking

Alcoholism is a very difficult thing to talk about, especially with alcoholics. So if you are in the position that you would like to find a way to help an alcoholic stop drinking, then just let them see this 5 minute video tutorial.

After the video, just click on the link below to get a free alcoholism guide to help alcoholics stop drinking…

Help To Stop Drinking
“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With Alcoholism”

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August 8, 2011

Help To Stop Drinking Alcohol For Alcoholics In Need

StopWell, now once you’ve admitted you have got a problem with drinking alcohol, you’re midway there to quitting drinking alcohol forever, so here are a handful of excellent self-help ideas to stop drinking alcohol, and help you to make it all the way to everlasting sobriety.

Here are the absolute best 10 ways to help alcoholics stop drinking alcohol completely…

1. Stay away from locations and circumstances where you will find yourself tempted to drink. Never stop by pubs and quit mingling with “drinking friends” who will most likely not support your attempt and objective to stop drinking alcohol, and so don’t allow it to become any more difficult than it is likely to be.

2. Dispose of any liquor. If you have any stashed at home, then remove it. For those who have a husband or wife or roommate who drinks, encourage them to support you through not consuming alcohol if you are about. This shall be a vital action you need to consider in case you are intent on quitting alcohol.

3. Having a clear vision of the future is extremely powerful to help you make the right choices. Consider how you would look and feel in the foreseeable future when you’re totally alcohol-free and how much better your health will be.

4. Set realistic targets for yourself. Perhaps you cannot quit drinking cold turkey, so perhaps you can gradually decrease your drinking habits day-by-day… Keep in mind that there are lots of various phases of alcoholism, so if you’re in a really bad way, you will need to get health advice from a Doctor.

5. Just take it a day at a time, as there will be negative days that you will just have to try and learn from, nevertheless always look forward to your constructive aim of living an existence free of being ruled by alcohol.

6. Tell friends and family your wish to stop drinking alcohol. Surround yourself with those who do support your final decision and who you recognize will help you keep to the straight and narrow.

7. Treat yourself! Grant yourself a certain amount of motivation to not drink. For every dry day that elapses, reward yourself to something that you like to do or even eat! Cheer yourself up and give yourself the attention you are worthy of for acquiring the ability to stop drinking alcohol, and try to talk about all those major and minor victories with your loved ones and friends.

8. Handle the mental and emotional things linked to your own drinking issue. A lot of people start drinking to escape issues or perhaps alcohol dependency is something which runs in a family. Find someone you feel comfortable with to speak to regarding these issues.

9. Indulge in beneficial and meaningful things to do. This genuinely will aid you to manage stop consuming alcohol, as your thoughts are going to be turned towards something purposeful which is beneficial for your quality of life, and not the contents of a bottle.

10. Never throw in the towel! Okay, you may need to undergo this process to help you stop drinking repeatedly, therefore avoid getting downhearted, and always try to have a future time set to have a go once more.

Now, with all these things fresh in your mind, why not get more help to stop drinking right now in this free guide to dealing with alcoholism, by clicking on one of the links below;-

Help To Stop Drinking
“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With Alcoholism”

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August 1, 2011

Stop Drinking Tips – Best Way To Reduce Drinking

StopOn the whole most heavy drinkers at some stage in their life will either consider to stop drinking or just to reducing drinking. The underlying question that they ponder on is how? To be able to tackle that question we first need to find out how life can change by reducing or even stopping drinking, which is exactly what we are going to do.

You see, to reduce your drinking or even better to quit your drinking you need to have a clear goal to achieve. So if you want to, you’re going to have to write down reasons for curbing your alcohol consumption. Here’s a few examples which should help you; Are you seeking to improve your lifestyle? Do you want to improve your relationship with your family and friends? Are you looking to improve your health? What is it that makes you want to drink less?

Quite recently a study was carried out on a hundred people whose objective was to stop drinking alcohol. The interesting part about the study was that only 50 had to actually write down their objectives and out of those 50, an incredible 85% managed to go the whole 3 months without drinking.

The other 50 people on the other hand didn’t have the same success as only 8% were able to survive the 3 months without drinking. It goes to show that the important factor here is the knowing of what you want to achieve so don’t waste any more time and give yourself some realistic goals to achieve your main objective. Don’t forget that drink doesn’t control you and that you control the drink.

You see, alcohol and your body don’t go, but just how many people out there carry on drinking alcohol when they know this? This should make you think before the next time you have a drink; within minutes of alcohol entering your body, it infiltrates your bloodstream, your brain, your liver, your pancreas, your kidneys, your lungs and every other living tissue in your body. When you think about it, every time you have a drink of alcohol it’s slowly killing you. Now that’s a nice thought isn’t it? Did you know that heavy drinkers of alcohol are known as “Chronic Drinkers.”

Studies have shown that heavy drinking will reduce the size of your brain, your reactions become slower and you begin to lose your memory. Also in the studies which where carried out, alcoholics showed signs of cognitive dysfunction, this was proved by using the latest technology in MRI scanning. The strength of a drink you’re drinking will have the effect and impact on the absorption rate. It’s simple really the stronger drinks are absorbed quicker than weaker drinks.

At the top of the nasty list are with no doubt neat spirits as they will affect the stomach, delaying the alcohol’s absorption. There are also negative effects on our central nervous system and it will even depress inhibitory centers of the brain. It goes without saying that people on the whole will end up drinking for a whole bunch of reasons, but they are obviously the wrong ones as happiness can never be found in a bottle.

Now the best way to reduce or even stop drinking is revealed step by step in the following guide to alcoholism, so make sure you click on one of the links below for immediate access, and discover how it’s really done…

Best Way To Stop Drinking
“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With Alcoholism”

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