January 30, 2009

30 Days without a Drink?

30 DaysDo a drinking inventory for the last 30 days. Where do you usually drink? Who do you drink with? Why do you drink? Is it boredom, loneliness, stress, for fun, because you feel you have to – e.g. with colleagues especially senior colleagues etc.

What will you do for the next 30 days instead of drinking? If you typically go out on Friday nights with your friends make a plan to do something else. Go bowling or on a trip or meet other friends elsewhere where there is no booze. The important thing is to make a plan and stick with it.

What are you going to do instead? Variety is essential. Take the 30 days to work on your fitness – dance, exercise or go for a run instead of drinking. Perhaps you have been thinking of taking some classes but drinking took up too much of your time. Or visit family members you havenā??t seen in a while or spend time with your children or grandchildren if you have them.

What about physical cravings? If it gets too tough see your doctor as he or she might advise medication or a gradual reduction rather than quitting cold turkey. You can also use things like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique www.emofree.com). One of the best things is to distract your mind, either through exercise or something else. If you can do more things you have never done before your mind will be too busy to worry about alcohol.

Best of all is to start working on the reasons you drank too much in the first place – especially focusing on your negative thoughts.

Once you do all of these steps, you will really start to make a change and hopefully reach 30 days without drinking. Once you do that you can decide whether or not you want to continue.

The Choices for Alcoholics

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