September 5, 2008

5 More Tips to Quit Alcohol


* Imagine your future-self that is free from alcohol and how much better it will be. Visualization can help you keep focus on your goal and help you make the right choices.

* Keep goals obtainable. Donā??t set your goals so high that you canā??t reach them and leave you frustrated. Maybe you canā??t just quit all at once. At least set a goal of having one less drink today and then one less than that tomorrow. Small steps are better than no steps.

* Face the psychological and emotional issues that may have led to and then that have become part of your drinking problem. Many alcoholics begin drinking to avoid facing an issue in their lives and for others alcoholism may run in the family. Find someone such as a support group or a counselor that can help you deal with these things.

* Seek out positive and meaningful activities to be a part of.

* Last but not least, never, ever give up!

Brain Damage and Alcohol Abuse

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