July 21, 2007

5 Ways DUI Laws Effect You

Perhaps the nations most well known anti drunk driving organization is Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), they have catapulted this issue into the forefront of American culture and in the process have helped to make Driving Under the Influence (DUI) laws tougher in every state in the country. These tougher laws come with increased penalties and social ramifications.

1- Every state has taken a serious stand against drunk and drugged drivers. Perhaps the toughest state is California, which has received an overall grade of B+ from the Mothers Against Drunk Driving organization. While Montana received an F from the same group, using the same set of criteria. As you can see, it pays to follow the DUI laws, as you never know how they will affect you as you travel from state to state.

2- These laws are based on statistics such as these from the National Traffic Safety Administration: In 2003 of children 15 years of age and younger that were killed in car crashes, 21% died in drunk driving accidents. In 2004, 39% of all traffic fatalities were the result of driving under the influence.

3- Because of these statistics and the DUI laws that follow them, drinking and driving is becoming one of the most social condemned crimes of recent history. If you are convicted under any of the numerous DUI laws that are on the books today, you not only face the legal ramifications, but you also face being socially black listed. More and more people are turning away from acquaintances who drink and drive.

4- You can lose you job if you are convicted of this particular crime. Not only can you spend jail time and fines, but your employer may actually have a policy built into the company handbook.

5- Today, there is more than ever to think about before you sit behind the wheel of a car after you have been drinking. Be smart, call someone to drive you home, or stay where you are. It might be incontinent now, but could save you so much later.


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