January 15, 2007

6 Facts about Alcohol and How it Affects Others

Just how many people out there are involved in the life of a Alcoholic?

Many people don’t release this but affects everyone around them, from familes, co- workers, friends, etc. Just think for a minute the problem is not just for the Alcoholic, and something he has to deal with, but it’s also everyone who comes to contact with him on a daily basis.
1-     Around 17 million days of absenteeism from work are Alcohol related.

2-     Half of all violent crimes are Alcohol related.

3-     Between 16,000 and 24,000 deaths each year are associated with Alcohol and it’s misuse. These range from cancer suicide, strokes and accidental injuries.

4-     There are around 10 million children who live in families which have one or both parents which have alcohol misuse.

5-     Approximately one third of all domestic violence at home is Alcohol related.

6-     150 million people drink above the recommended daily guidelines, this is figure has been going up and up over the last few years. This is down to a number of things, stress, money, relationships, family, deaths.

Want to find more information on how to stop drinking then visit http://www.stopdrinkingadvice.org/guide/

Alcohol and the effects it has on your Brain

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