January 14, 2007

6 Important Alcohol Questions You Should Ask Yourself.

1 – Alcohol do we really need it?
People use substances such as alcohol they like the way it makes them feel. Pleasure is an all consuming force. All drugs that are addicting, including alcohol, can activate and affect the brain’s pleasure circuitry. Our brains are wired in such a way that if we do come thing that gives us pleasure we tend to want do it again

 2 – Alcohol addiction how do I know if I’ve got one?
This is a disease that affects your brain. It also affects your behaviour. Once you become addicted to alcohol, you drink without thinking of the consequences, such as health problems, money problems, relationship problems and poor performance at work.

 3 – How do you know if you have a problem?
Yes, you have a problem with alcohol if you continue to drink even when it causes problems with your health, money, work or with your personal relationships. You have a problem if you have developed a tolerance to alcohol. Remember, this means you need to use more to get the desired effect.

 4 – Is there treatment for an Alcohol addiction?
Yes. But remember, addiction is a disease. It is chronic, which means it can go on for a long time. It may take a several attempts to stay free of alcohol or to maintain a goal of controlled drinking.

 5 – Are there treatments available for your Alcohol problem ?
Stop drinking advice offers you a chance to stop drinking alcohol with a highly proven system, which many people have tried over the last 3 years. If your after more information on this system then please visit: http://www.stopdrinkingadvice.org/guide/

 6 – Is there a way to cut down or stop your drinking problem.
First, understand that you are in charge of your addiction. You are in charge of your positive self talk. You are in control of your choice to drink or not to drink. Ultimately, this is the question.

Want to find more information on how to stop drinking then visit http://www.stopdrinkingadvice.org/guide/

6 Facts about Alcohol and How it Affects Others

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