January 22, 2010

7 Easy Tips That Show How To Help An Alcoholic

StopIf you are in the position whereby you want to know how to help an alcoholic, because you are tired of the liquid which has given your friend or family member so many ups and downs and more downs. Like cigarettes, alcohol too takes a lot of effort and will power to keep away from.

But with expert tips to stop drinking you can help design an alcoholics own way of staying off the booze. So if you are decided to help an alcoholic, then read them the following 7 tips as they are written.

Tip 1 - Just stop when you decide. Don’t go for the reduction experiment, it never works. Either it’s nothing or nothing.

Tip 2 - Just say no to that voice in your head that says ‘just one more’. The first time you say ‘No’, you will get stronger through practice and the next time it will be twice as easier to say “No”. Over time it will be as easy as saying no to bitter gourd juice. On the other hand, some say the drink-till-you-pass-out method worked for them, making alcohol very unattractive thenceforth. But it is not recommended, it can prove fatal!

Tip 3 -
Then there is the fruit fix you can opt for. At events, gatherings and parties just opt for a glass of fresh fruit juice instead of joining in with friends and family. You’ll get healthier twice as faster this way.

Tip 4 - Spread the word around in your gang of friends, colleagues and relatives that you are on this mission and it is serious. Convince as many as possible but at least one person compulsorily to give up the habit. Of all the tips to stop drinking, this one is the best, where you constantly engage, discuss and review your goals and progress with fellow alcoholics or loved ones.

Tip 5 -
Just like rewarding yourself after a heavy study or work session, improves efficiency, reward yourself for keeping your will power intact at regular periods of time, say weekly or fortnightly. You will eventually overcome the initial depression and empty feeling that follow every attempt at breaking any bad habit. You will soon find that waking up in the morning can be refreshing and energizing, not painful and agonizing.

Tip 6 - Try to stay away from bars and restaurants which serve alcohol. You will automatically build a harmony with the other non-alcoholic places. Have pride in saying that you quit. Wave the hand with a little royal flair when you forbid the waiter from serving you alcohol at the table. Necessarily mention it at job interviews, business deals and members of the opposite sex. It will improve your social standing all around, contrary to the popular misconception that binging makes you the popular party animal. Be proud in having given up and reward yourself amply.

Tip 7 -
Don’t give into temptation down the road. Once you have spent a lot of time “off” it you will feel the pinch to immediately have a drink. Resist! One “No” here is as powerful as saying “No” every evening for weeks.

Tell them to Join a gym, go running, aerobics, dancing or engage in physical sports. The renewed vitality and stamina will be a huge incentive in itself for you to keep away from alcohol. I am sure that these tips will help any alcoholic big time, and they will at least show that you are a real friend who cares.

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