July 23, 2008

7 Tips for Quitting Alcohol

StopThe decision to stop alcohol addiction is a hard one. Here is a list of 7 helpful tips to help you on your path to a life without alcohol.

1) Do it for Yourself – You have to want it to make it work. If you don’t do it for yourself, you might find yourself starting out with a setback.

2) Importance of Physical Exercise – People who exercise regularly while trying to stay sober are less likely to relapse. Exercise has a tendency to lower stress and keep a person in a more relaxed state which is a plus when working toward sobriety.

3) Reward Yourself – Many people are so focused on reaching goals that they forget to reward themselves for the ones accomplished. Rewards keep your spirits up.

4) Don’t Feel Guilty Should You Fail – Guilt over a relapse or setback is only counterproductive to your end goal. Alcohol addiction is a major challenge and like most challenges, is not easy.

5.) Get some kind of outside help – Whether it’s A.A., therapy, or a proven formula to get sober. Left alone to ones thoughts and methods is probably not the best thing, since those thoughts and methods contributed to the addiction in the first place.

6) Seek Out Company – This can be a challenge for those who are single. If you can’t encircle yourself with people, get out more which helps create a brand new outlook on life.

7.) Develop a new daily routine that does not include drinking alcohol. Get up earlier, incorporate some exercise into the daily routine, the possibilities are endless. After all, to
stop drinking is to make a fresh start on its own.

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How Can You Stop Drinking Alcohol?

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