September 18, 2009

A Controlled Guide To Quit Drinking Alcohol

StopIf you feel that you drink too much, you realized that drink too much alcohol can only do harm to yourself. You need to prepare to learn how to quit drinking alcohol.

The everyday pressures of life and the burden of worries that we face every day have served as a catalyst for this growing affliction. More and more people seek an escape from these modern demands and pressures many times at the bottom of a bottle without the realization that this will only worsen the problems they are experiencing in their social life or workplace. Alcoholism has become one of the most prevalent diseases in our society today.

Just the action of deciding to work towards removing alcohol from your life can have a positive effect on yourself and those around you. As you quit drinking, you will notice a better relationship with your family and friends. Your current state of health will improve and your future health will be dramatically changed for the better. You will begin to feel and actually be more productive in all aspects of your life and enjoy the things you are doing more. Alcohol doesn’t make up for all of the things you feel like you might be missing in life; it only guarantees you will never have them.

The decision to quit drinking is a difficult one to make. Take each day step by step for better success. Here are some suggestions as a guide to help you on your way to quit drinking alcohol.

The first step to your success understands the root of why you drink, because you need to replace your drinking habit with something healthier, once you start doing this you’ll notice afterwards your body becomes very relaxed and refreshed, and after a while you’ll also notice that the desire to drink will have gone.

Simple, you need to educate yourself and get support, because to quit drinking alcohol isn’t easy, but anyone can do it, if you are full of confidence.

Of course admitting that you have a problem and seeking the help when needed are often the biggest obstacles to overcome in battling alcohol. Many people live in denial that there is an alcohol related problem in their lives. An alcoholic can tend to fool himself into thinking that “I can cope”, “It’s only social drinking”, “I can stop anytime I want to” never realizing that they are only masking the real truth that alcohol is controlling their life.

You need to fight off the temptation as best you can. As malnutrition is a major source of dependency, eat meats and fresh vegetables with every meal. Avoid situations where alcohol might be present, tempting you to drink. Try a non-alcoholic drink as an alternative to the unavoidable social situation where alcohol is available. Chocolate or candy is helpful. Sugar cravings are normal when problem drinkers quit. By keeping chocolates or candies available, you fight off the mental craving by increasing your endorphins provided by these treats.

Opt for low alcohol beers to cut back on your alcohol intake or at least skip over the ‘strong’ beers or lagers. Pace your rate of drinking and even try alternating soft drinks with those with alcohol.

And you can ask doctor for help, which can sometimes be the best guide to quit drinking alcohol. Some people are helped by counseling and advice from a practice nurse or doctor. Sometimes a referral to a specially trained counselor may be advised. They can help you to talk through the issues in more detail and help you to plan how to manage your drinking.

As you create your plan toward being alcohol free, understand that you do not have to quit immediately. Doing this may lead to episodes of binge drinking when temptation proves too strong. Alcohol is a fierce opponent that wants to win. A chronic alcoholic that stops drinking all at once increases their chance of physical withdrawal symptoms and relapse. Take care and take it nice and easy, one step at a time.

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