May 9, 2008

Addicted or Dependent?

Most addicts will tell you they donā??t even have a problem. If you feel as if you need and want alcohol, you are dependent on it and its effects. Signs of alcohol dependency can include needing a drink every day, drinking alone, needing a drink to stop the shakes and trembles.

Sometimes alcohol dependency can lead to convulsions and constant need to drink as much alcohol as you can. When you are alcohol dependent sometimes you become more “tolerant” of the effects of alcohol. A tendency to drink more than intended to feel the same effect, or being unable to stop drinking once you start to drink alcohol is a sign of this tolerance. Just because you may not appear drunk does not mean that you arenā??t.

Dependency at this level is serious and it will be much harder to stop both psychologically and physically. The withdrawal symptoms you will experience will be worse. Help is available and you do not have to go through this alone, but the most important part is to treat and stop the addiction.

Drinking and the Problems it Causes

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