November 3, 2006

Addicts and Alcoholics Get a Social Networking Space of Their Own is a public social networking site that is exclusively for addicts and alcoholics. It is a first of its kind for social networking, and is anticipated to draw tens of thousands of members quickly….

"A social networking site for recovering addicts and alcoholics launches at Created by recovering individuals for recovering individuals, the site is a first and anticipates a tight knit community tens of thousands strong. Unlike many social networking sites, this site is designed to have a positive impact on a societal condition. represents a first for web 2.0 social networking; the site anticipates explosive growth in the next year, as it caters to a community that is already several million strong. The number of alcoholics in recovery in the United States alone is estimated by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism to be 9.2 million. This figure multiplies exponentially when considering the number of people worldwide who are in recovery from alcoholism. As for recovering drug addicts, it is hard to estimate the number, but it is certainly in the millions for the US and tens of millions worldwide. represents natural progressions for recovering alcoholics and addicts who are familiar with twelve step support groups. "We’ve been gathering at people’s houses, churches, and our own meeting halls since the mid 1930s. It’s a natural progression that we would be gathering online in the twenty-first century." Devarshi Bajpai, the site’s CEO.

Members do not have to belong to a twelve step group, and the site is not affiliated with any twelve step fellowship. The site only requires that those joining the community be in recovery.

According to Bajpai , "To the best of our knowledge, this represents the first time that people in recovery have a public social networking site with all the features of a web 2.0 social networking site that is exclusively theirs."

The site allows users to create and customize profile pages, post pictures, build blogs, post events, instant message one another with an advanced audio/visual chat system, and track who has visited their profile. The site’s creators have also built in security and privacy settings for its members.

John Baker, who developed the site, said "We think this will be a great gathering place to meet others from across the world who are in recovery." He went on to say, "The site is also likely to have a positive impact on individual member’s recovery status by providing a twenty-four-seven support system whether members are in a rural community or downtown Manhattan."


Created by recovering individuals for recovering individuals is a web 2.0 social networking community for the millions of people across the world who suffer from the diseases of addiction and alcoholism."

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