January 15, 2008

Affects of Drinking Alcohol Is There a Treatment

Here are some common and interesting facts about alcohol.

Did you know that alcohol is the cause of around 100,000 deaths in the United States alone? In Canada it’s around 50,000 deaths per year. Alcohol is also one of the biggest reasons why families split up and this figure is well into the millions.

Alcohol is also one of the leading causes of deaths on the road with teenagers. You will find that people who drink alcohol have very poor grades, can’t perform 100% at there job, smoke (which is a leading killer it’s self), experiment with other types of illegal drugs.

If you find yourself drinking everyday and your becoming dependent on alcohol to get you through the day then you have a serious alcohol problem which needs to be sorted out now before it’s too late.

What do I mean by it’s too late?

After studying and doing research into alcoholics for the last 5 years I have found out that long term heavy drinking is the major cause of the following chronic diseases:

High blood pressure, damages your liver, effects your nervous system, your heart (heart attacks) slows your brain down (lack of memory), stomach problems, cancer, sexual problems, I think you get my drift; alcohol just about affects every part of your body. You’ll also find the miss-use of alcohol leads to other things such as violence, accidents, and personality change.  So why do we drink so much alcohol?

You’ll find most people do it because they think it looks cool and to impress there friends, and little do they know that they are knocking years off there lives and slowly destroying there health. What you need to remember is your only here once, so get the most out of your life while you can.

Once you become alcohol dependent it becomes very difficult to stop drinking without someone’s help. If you’re looking for a way-out or you might know anyone that is looking to quit alcohol for good, help is always available. Recognizing you have a problem is the first step to finding a solution.

If your are alcoholic dependent and looking for FREE resource or an alcohol treatment, then a can honestly say with my hand on my heart the best website I have come across is stopdrinkingadvice.org. I know Ed personally and he has helped to cure more than 2000 people with serious drinking problems.

The best thing about Ed’s site is his information and resource is FREE and it shows you the critical steps to beating your nemesis.

Does Alcoholics Anonymous Work

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