February 6, 2008

Alcohol Abuse Interventions

What is an intervention?  It is confronting  an alcoholic with how his or her drinking problem is effecting all those around him.  The alcoholic’s family, friends, and sometimes even their employer tell the person in their own words how the drinking has been damaging their lives.

The best option for a family that believes an intervention is the either the best or even the last action they can take , is to consult a professional.  There are many organizations and busineses that have substance abuse counselors trained and experienced in helping a family plan interventions.  The persons wishing to do an intervention need to understand that the only purpose is to get their loved one into a treatment program.    A trained professional can help organize the intervention to specifically put the alcoholic into a position where they feel comfortable and are able to listen to those who love them most.

Sometimes, the intervention comes as a total surprise to the alcoholic, but recently new techniques have been developed in which the members of the intervention team tell the alcoholic that they are talking with a counselor about his drinking problem several days prior to the actual intervention.

Understanding that profession help may not be a financial option for everyone, the decision to choose the intervention path should be made carefully.  There can be risks. It is possible that if the intervention is not sucessful, family and friends can be further torn apart by bad feelings about the intervention.  All participants in an intervention need to realize that if the alcoholic does not seek help or fails after trying the emotional consequences on both the participant and the alcohol can be bitter and emotional damaging.  Remember that only the alcoholic can make the decision to stay on the recovery path.

Alcohol's Affect on Musculatory Systems

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