April 28, 2008

Alcohol Abuse Screening Test


The following test will determine if your drinking habits are putting you at risk. The test is completed anonymously and your results will not be recorded. No information you enter will be shared with anyone. To respect your privacy you will not be required to enter any information that could identify you.

The test was produced by The Office of Health Care Programs at John Hopkins University Hospital. The test is designed to inform you how dangerous your drinking habits are. It will also give you an idea whether the amount of alcohol you drink is excessive.

This test is not a substitute for a diagnosis of alcohol abuse by a medical professional. It is intended as a guide to inform you of the risks of your current drinking behavior. The results will give you feedback on how much you are putting your health at risk.

You should consider the last year as a reference for your drinking patterns. Answer the test honestly. You are the only person who will have access to the results and the test is completely anonymous. The more accurate your answers to the test, the more useful the results will be.

Click on this link to begin the test:


The Less Attractive Aspects Of Alcohol

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