January 18, 2007

Alcohol and the effects it has on your Brain

Alcohol affects the brain centres, but the more alcohol you have the more parts in your brain are effected.
Alcohol affects the brain in a set order, starting with:
Cerebral Cortex
The Limbic System

1 – Cerebral Cortex
This is the largest piece of your brain. This is where all the processing is done, it also controls most of the muscle movements. Alcohol affects these parts in the following ways:
Your pain is numbed if you hurt yourself
Your senses are affected – taste, touch, vision, hearing and smell
Your thought process is slowed down and your movement becomes slower
Makes a person more louder and talkative.

The more alcohol you drink the increase in your blood level increases.
2 – Limblic System
This part of you brain is where it controls you outer memory and emotions. When Alcohol enters this part of your brain it affects your emotions and you suffer memory loss.
3 – Cerebellum
This is where the muscle movement is co-ordinated. Affected by Alcohol and your movements become uncontrollable, simple things like touching your nose and standing on one leg become very hard to achieve. Cerebellum controls everyone’s balance, that’s why you’re always seeing drunken people falling over.
4 – Hupothalamus and Pituitary Gland
There are two very noticeable side effects Alcohol has on this part of your brain. This part of your brain controls the chemicals and endocrine functions like sex hormone secretion, growth and thyroid.
-         Your sexual functions or easily affected, like your sexual performance decrease’s  and your arousal increases.
-         Increased urine excretion.
5 – Medulla
This is the most important part of your brain, this controls your bodily functions, such as heart rate, breathing, temperature and consciousness. To much Alcohol effects all these parts, this is because your BAC (Blood Level Content) keeps increasing.

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Alcohol and your Body

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