March 15, 2007

Alcohol and Why it’s a Recipe For Disaster

Moderate drinking may not cause any problems but people who drink heavily may have an array of problems. There are many people who have a social drink now and then or enjoy a beer with friends or a glass of wine a few times a week. Most of these folks do not have a problem with alcohol dependence or alcoholism.

On the other hand there are people who are struggling with alcohol additions and this is a situation laden with problems. Some of these problems not only affect the person who is drinking too much but they can affect many others as well.

Sometimes when people drink too much it can begin to ruin relationships. The person who is drinking may lose touch with family members and friends. They may even become estranged because of their drinking.

Alcohol can cause problems between husband and wife and with parents and children, brothers and sisters. Sometimes these problems with alcohol end up costing the drinker his/her marriage or custody of children. Friendships are ruined.

Another ingredient in the alcohol for disaster recipe is a change in income or financial problems. There are people who end up losing their jobs, homes and vehicles. They are not able to make payments owed for utilities, mortgages and credit cards.

People who consume too much alcohol on a regular basis may find that they need an attorney. This is also costly and can even lead to jail time because someone was hurt or killed by the person who was drinking and driving.

Drinking can cause many problems with a person’s health. Liver disease is one health problem that is extremely serious. Alcohol poisoning is another possibility that can be quite serious.

People who consume too much alcohol may begin to exhibit signs of diminshed capacity. Alcohol can effect the way a person thinks and at times will cloud the judgment. People often become unruly and even dangerous after drinking.

People can be hurt or even killed after a bout with alcohol. Many people exhibit a totally different personality after they have been drinking. Children and spouses are sometimes mistreated and abused.

Many recovering alcoholics regret decisions made and actions taken while they were drinking. While it is possible to recover and make peace with the past there are times when alcohol causes too many hurts and things are never the same.

It can be very damaging for children to grow up in a family where one or both of the parents are alcoholics. Sometimes these children have a very hard time forgetting the damage done to themselves and to the family.

Children who grow up with alcoholics are more likely to have problems with alcohol themselves.

Drinking is also detrimental to a person’s feelings about themselves. Alcoholics often feel guilty, angry and/or sad a lot of the time. Sometimes this leads to even more drinking it is a vicious circle and it is hard on everyone involved. Drinking can be a recipe for disaster.

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Losing Out Because of Problems With Drinking Alcohol?

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