January 19, 2007

Alcohol and your Body

Once you have taken Alcohol within minutes it enters the following parts:  Bloodstream, the brain, pancreas, kidneys, liver, and other organs and tissue system.

But it all depends on what the drink is your drinking and how strong it is. The strength of drink will have an impact
on the absorption rate. Stronger and weaker drinks are absorbed more slowly.

Just take time out for a minute and think about this, and what major parts of the body does Alcohol effect.

- Your Liver
- Your Blood
- Your Muscles
- Your Endocrine system
- Your Gastrointestinal tract
- Your Central nervous system

The above are the most important parts of our body, once these have been shot at by drinking to much Alcohol, your then on the slippery slope downwards. So just think before you drink.

Sprits tend to have the most effect on our body, if sprits are consumed in large amounts, they can irritate the stomach
lining, this will cause a delay in the absorption of the Alcohol.

Temperature of any Alcohol plays a major part, because the warmer the Alcohol, the faster it is absorbed.

Once Alcohol is consumed it seems to effect on out central nervous system. With immediate effect it starts depressing the inhibitiry centres of the brain. Most people feel more relaxed and confident. Alcohol also brings about that "let loose" feeling.

Alcohol effect’s people in different ways, some people become more of a talking person, perhaps increasing their
attractiveness to other people, other people become more aggressive and just go looking for trouble.

Once the Alcohol has worn off, there is always a negative rebound effect. These will include guilt, depression, and

So just why do we drink, if we now know how it effects us.

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Advice For Those Who Live With Alcoholics: Part Two

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