December 19, 2011

Alcoholics Help – Treating Alcoholism In Your Own Home

There are quite a lot of different treatments that deal with the problems related with alcohol dependence. The treatments available for this problems can be put into the following categories…medication to reduce withdrawal symptoms and stop alcohol cravings, professional counseling to support relationship issues and education and support to
stop drinking.

StopThe previously mentioned methods are normally the ones that are recommended although a new drug has just come onto the market called chemical Revia (formerly Trexan), Vivitrolnaltrexone. This drug is normally administered by the form of an injection about once a month , but it is also available now as a pill.

The way Naltrexone works is by confusing the part of the brain that is responsible for making us feel good while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. It basically numbs the pleasure effect that alcohol gives us and can be either taken on its own or as a combination drug with other alcohol dependence drugs.

Recent studies have shown though that Naltrexone is most effective when its use is combined with counseling. It has also been proved that Naltrexone drastically reduces the risk of relapse after having managed to
quit drinking.

Unfortunately this drug is not always 100% effective especially on certain men who have suffered from alcohol dependence big time or over a long period of time. Naltrexone is no different to any other drug and can cause side effects like fatigue, dizziness and nausea and it can even make you feel nervous, sleepy or anxious.

These treatments need professional backing and you may be interested in hearing what other people have to say on the subject. You will be amazed at just how many people share their experiences at

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March 28, 2011

10 Tips To Help An Alcoholic Quit Drinking

StopWhen ever somebody is in the position to help somebody else quit drinking, and is successful in doing so, then that particular person will without a doubt feel really great after seeing the true results of their achievement.

Although this may seem to be a great quest for anybody to carry out, it goes without saying that alcoholics truly need to be able to help themselves before anybody else can put themselves in a position to help them. An alcoholic needs to possess that wish to truly become completely sober, and as soon as that is quite clear in their head, we can put ourselves into a position to help them quit drinking alcohol.

So if you are in the position to actually help an alcoholic quit drinking; and that could mean actually living under the same roof as the alcoholic, then you will need to follow the following 10 tips to help then reach that alcohol free light at the end of the tunnel.

1) Do not let them to talk you round into giving them money, not even for a coffee. Money means temptation.

2) Don’t allow them to rule the roost in anyway, and they must accept that they are no longer in control of their lives, up until alcohol is history.

3) So make it clear that they can only live with you, under you guidelines, otherwise they are out on their own, and that this is their only chance left to become sober.

4) There will be a number of different mood swings, so always be patient and understanding, but without weakening your stand.

5) Make sure they get any health-related medical support they may need for to quit drinking, so a trip to the Doctors together is a must.

6) Always talk to an alcoholic about the positive sides of being sober without the need for alcohol.

7) Tell them just how much you care for them and that you are there to help them out with their alcohol recovery 24 hours a day.

8) Take them out for long walks, so that they get plenty of wholesome exercise.

9) Introduce them to new friends that don’t rely on alcohol to get though the day, or try and find previous alcoholics through AA, who can also give great testimonies about living without alcohol.

10) Get them interested in taking up a new hobby, sporting activity or anything that will help them to take their mind off alcohol.

Good luck with your Samaritan mission in helping an alcoholic quit drinking, and please do take a look at the following stop drinking guide

FREE Stop Drinking Guide
“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With Alcoholism”

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March 16, 2011

The Ten Step Treatment For Alcohol Addiction

FREE Stop Drinking Guide
“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With

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March 15, 2011

How You CAN Quit An Alcohol Addiction Cold Turkey

StopWhen a close friend or household member confronts you about your alcohol addiction, you will really feel as though you’re completely worthless to society, particularly coming from someone you might truly love. But don’t shy away as this could be your initial step towards overcoming your alcohol addiction.

Now, quitting an alcohol dependency might be the hardest thing you’ve ever tried in your lifetime, and It certainly was for me when I finally surrendered to my addiction after several years of consuming alcohol. What I would like to explain in this blog post are the ways which I found to help me get through one of the hardest periods of my life.

Quitting an alcohol addiction cold turkey is some thing you must really be prepared for. You need to have it really clear in your mind that this decision will be fulfilled to the end as only this will help in combating your addiction to alcohol.

You must initially have a desire to alter your existing lifestyle and have that want to lead a healthier and happier life. Promise yourself that as soon as you start your voyage towards sobriety, that you won’t do a u-turn and return to that horrible life you possessed before.

First of all, I picked a date to start my new alcohol free life and I stuck to it. You can not change your mind for any reason once you have selected a date. Prolonging time would only make issues worse. So, once you have chosen that date, stick with it no matter what happens or what thoughts might enter into your mind about prolonging your alcohol needs for an additional day.

I made a promise to myself that I’d never return the bottle again. I must admit, over the initial few weeks it really was a tough ride, and I continued thinking about alcohol virtually all day long, but I knew that I couldn’t go back on my word, no matter how I was feeling.

Whenever I was possessed with those thoughts about drinking, I would just have a firm trust in how my life would change, not only for myself, but for my family too. They had put up with so many issues throughout my alcoholic years, and I just refused to allow myself to let my family down again.

One of the biggest fears I had had prior to quitting my alcohol addiction cold turkey was that I would regret having given up so soon. That was the main reason that I hadn’t been able to stop years before, as I tried to convince myself that the damage had already been done, and that my life was in such a mess anyway, so why bother quitting. So I just continued drinking myself towards self destruction, until I finally realized that I was also hurting my family as well as killing myself at the exact same time. That was my wake up call!!!

I did have cravings and urges at the beginning of my journey, as my demons possessed me, torturing me with a need for alcohol. I just had to be stronger, and when I changed my attitude to being positive, it just gave me even more determination to make it over this giant hurdle that I just had to stride over on my own.

Needless to say I managed the hard way with my alcohol addiction, and did it cold turkey. I have listed several other things that I needed to confront throughout the time I spent removing that alcohol addiction from my life in the free stop drinking report mentioned below…

FREE Stop Drinking Guide
“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With Alcoholism”

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October 7, 2010

How To Quit An Alcohol Addiction Cold Turkey – FREE Video

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May 14, 2010

The Problems Related With Alcohol Detox At Home

StopThere are some people who prefer to do Alcohol detox at home, while there are others who prefer to go to a rehabilitation center for traditional treatment. There are some advantages of going to a rehabilitation center, for the fact that the patient will not feel so left out. Meeting people like you who are going through the same problems, means being able to relate better with them and seek support from each other. Also, as there will not be any alcohol around, you will be less likely to start drinking again…

Need more common sense ideas that will help you manage alcohol detox at home? Here’s one… If you cannot manage to make a decision and carry it out on your own without the support of others (except Medical Advice), then you won’t ever manage when you are on your own, which is the most complex to do. Rehab can be a good start, but when we are on our own we are more vulnerable to weakness, and will end up falling. Like anything in life that is worth fighting for, the need to protect our body from Alcohol or any other drug is eventually a must, whether for medical or psychological reasons. But it won’t be easy!!!

The challenge is that once back home, returnees are more likely to fall into their old drinking habits. This is one reason that Alcohol Detox At Home is preferred by many. This way you can learn to fight not to drink alcohol in your own environment, which is probably more effective than cessation in the context of a temporary rehabilitation center.

It is true that alcohol detox at home is difficult and we can not escape this fact. Like any other form of detoxification, alcohol detox is also difficult. Following a detox diet can be a challenge, and is often compared to drug detox. Therefore, people choose to undergo alcohol detox in the comfort of their home. Why not! This helps them feel more comfortable and able to support the process with less difficulty.

The difficulties of Alcohol Detox At Home
Old habits die slow, so if you were a habitual drinker and used to drink at home every night, then it may be difficult to resist drinking in the comfort of home, being one’s own environment. There are different models that match different types of regular drinkers. It is important to bear in mind these habits and patterns and then decide whether there is a good choice to undergo alcohol detox at home or not.

Nothing is easy in life, so if you want to get better you will also have to face these challenges. But there is a positive side to undergoing alcohol detoxification at home, because you will be at home, but just with one problem to sort out… Stop Drinking!

Alcohol Detox At Home

Discover This Proven At Home Alcohol System

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May 7, 2010

Alcohol Detox At Home Process

StopThey say there’s more than one way to skin a cat. The same goes when you start tearing your hair out with all the frustration, grief, anxiety, and yes, stress of trying to give up drinking. It’s a state of mental conditioning that is like taking that bitter pill down your throat, causing you to lose your sense of self esteem, and worse of all your sanity. Just thinking about alcohol detox at home can drive anyone off the edge. And they say that the proactive ones are already living off the edge.

As one alcoholic to another, I know how it feels, and believe me there are many variants when it comes to alcohol detox at home. Coping with life, and carrying the problems that may or may not belong to you can scratch away the little joy and happiness that you can carry once you head out that door. You can’t blame them for being like that; they have their own reasons, so much like we have our reasons to allow alcohol detox at home to weigh us down. They say that alcohol detox at home phobia is all in the mind, well, what’s bugging you anyway? There are several ways to manage alcohol, and eventually remove it out of your life one of these days. So I’ll try to divide alcohol detox at home into a seven-day course for you and I promise it’s not going to be too taxing on the body, as well as on the mind.

1. Acknowledging being an alcoholic is good: Based on the body’s natural “fight or flight” response, that burst of energy will enhance your performance at the right moment. I’ve yet to see a top sportsman totally relaxed before a big competition. Use alcohol detox at home wisely to push yourself that little bit harder when it counts most.

2. Commit yourself as well as those you love to create powerfully a life you can love: Instead of reacting, commit to creating from your heart and soul, out of love rather than fear. The American Dream will always be there, but a dream will still be a dream without alcohol. Be amazed as the transformation begins.

3. Learn from the best: When people around you are losing their head, who keeps calm? What are they doing differently? What is their attitude? What language do they use? Are they trained and experienced? Probably not, but people who don’t depend on alcohol react differently – Learn!

4. Dwell completely in a place of gratitude: Learn to utilize what you have in your hands and make use of it in the most constructive way. Slipping into neediness will become less of a habit when you repeatedly shift towards gratitude, away from alcohol consciousness.

5. Live from the inside out: Increase your awareness of your inner wisdom by regularly reflecting in silence. Commune with nature. Breathe deeply to quiet your distracted mind. For most of us city slickers it’s hard to even find the peace and quiet we want even in our own home. In my case I often just sit in a dimly lit room and play some classical music. There’s sound, yes, but music does soothe the savage beast.

6. Honor your strengths:
What are your positive traits? What special talents do you have? List three – if you get stuck, ask those closest to you to help identify these. Are you imaginative, witty, good with your hands? Find ways to express your authentic self through your strengths. You can increase your self-confidence when you can share what you know to others.

7. Serve others: When you live authentically, you may find that you develop an interconnected sense of being. When you are true to who you are, living your purpose and giving of your talents to the world around you, you give back in service what you came to share with others -your spirit – your essence. The rewards for sharing your gift with those close to you is indeed rewarding, much more if it were to be the eyes of a stranger who can appreciate what you have done to them. Self-improvement is indeed one type of work that is worth it. It shouldn’t always be within the confines of an office building, or maybe in the four corners of your own room. The difference lies within ourselves and how much we want to change for the better.

Alcohol Detox At Home

Discover This Proven At Home Alcohol System

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April 30, 2010

Alcohol Detox At Home Advice

StopConsumption of alcohol is dangerous for your physical and mental health. It can ruin your life, family and social relationships as well as job prospects. There are several ways to begin alcohol detox at home.

Step 1
The first step in an effort to alcohol detox at home may be identifying reasons to stop drinking. Although some of the reasons may be generally applicable to all drinkers there may be others that are more specific to you. Make a list of reasons to stop drinking. You can also seek help from a friend to complete the list. Keep this list in a safe and visible place as you may have to refer to it from time to time to renew your commitment. It would be preferable to keep the list in more than one place, for example, next to the shaving mirror in the bathroom, stuck on the refrigerator or even in your pocket.

Gradual reduction Drinking
If you are a hard chronic drinker, it may not be possible for you to stop drinking the first day. The best would be to reduce the amount and gradually reduce. Draw a plan to reduce consumption on a regular basis and set a date for an endpoint.

Periodic evaluation of progress

Keep evaluating your progress regularly, for example, for at least thirty days to make your new behavior a regular habit. Keep track of the benefits you experience. There may be failures as well. Make them as stepping stones to make progress on. Share your plan and experiences with others to find their useful suggestions.

Consult your doctor
If your plan does not provide self-help, there is no reason to be demoralized about their skills and confidence. Alcoholism is a disease. It may have made deeper roots and led to chemical changes in the biological system. It may have affected vital organs like the liver, pancreas, heart, kidney, digestive system and so on. Very often, therefore, seek the help of medical experts for treatment. There are some medications that can help to overcome alcoholism. Remember, it is more prudent to withdraw from this pernicious habit, under medical supervision.

Removing barriers
Barriers may occur to damage their efforts in achieving their goals. You can choose new friends and avoid those that can be encouraged to drink alcohol. You may have to change your current lifestyle that revolves around alcohol. Substitute alcohol by taking new and delicious healthy drinks and juices.

Join support groups

Alcohol detox at home is certainly a great way forward, but there comes a time when you actually want to speak to other people in your own condition. There are many support groups such as drug abuse and prevention AA. AA Alcoholics Anonymous all have an international presence. Its membership is composed of previous alcoholics who have successfully given up their addiction. They offer practical advice and suggestions based on their experience and expertise. They can help you with empathy and understanding. Even keeping your identity anonymous. You can go online to find more of these support groups who are more than willing and happy to extend their cooperation. They will help you stop drinking by customizing plans to meet your needs.

Learn to say a resounding no
Former colleagues and friends in clubs or bars that drink in your company can lead lead to temptation. Continue to refuse their invitations with a polite but firm “NO”, you must learn to be active in creating recreational and other leisure activities to spend time with your spouse, children and friends. A visit to a music concert, reading a good book or to play your favorite game on your computer may distract you from drinking alcohol.

Alcohol Detox At Home

Discover This Proven At Home Alcohol System

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Alcohol Detox At Home Advice

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