January 14, 2009

Alcohol Detoxification Continued.

Jug of waterOnce you begin it will be very important to drink an ample amount of water. You should always be sure to drink water but even more so during the detox, 6-8 glasses of water per day is recommended.

You also will want to try to figure out where and when you normally drink and, in addition to that, why you drink. Once you have figured out why you drink you need to do something different when these circumstances occur. E.g. if you usually go out with everyone from work on a certain night, don‚??t.

Try new activities instead of drinking. Endeavor to try some physical exercise or even dancing‚?¶ do something different. Get together with friends you haven‚??t seen in a while or meet new people in an environment where there isn‚??t much alcohol.

A great idea is to put something on the wall by your bed. Make sure you put it somewhere so you can see it each morning which will remind you to have a fantastic day. You can come up with whatever has meaning for you and will get you into a good state – rather than worrying how to survive work or cope without alcohol etc.

A final idea is to reward yourself! What can you do for yourself that will cause you to look forward to it once your detox is over ‚?¶ something that is not alcohol related?

Then just do it! You will feel great and hopefully you will find yourself drinking less thereafter.

Using Alcohol for Stress Reduction

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