January 9, 2008

Alcohol Info – Can Alcohol Affect Me?

Everyone knows that drinking alcohol can be great fun, but as we also know alcohol can be deadly as well, it’s a great and very powerful drug which affects both body and mind, so you must treat it with the greatest of respect.
 Alcohol is one of the biggest killers year by year and it increases every year. More and more people are turning to alcohol and becoming alcoholics and they don’t even know it! Alcohol is linked to illnesses such as liver damage, stomach cancer, heart disease, and many more.
 Do we really know just how it can affect use?
 Heavy drinkers will be affected more and in the following areas. First your health. Your sporting performance is first, it also damages your muscle fibers, which you need for everyday of your life, once these are damaged your on a very slippery slope to an early death bed. It also affects your sexual performance and makes you infertile. Ultimately it will affect you as a person, if you change when you’ve had a drink then you know it’s affecting you, so why drink in the first place.
 So Just Why Do We Drink Alcohol?
 The list is endless of why people drink, but the most common one is my friends and family drink and it makes it sociable for me, Most people find it very pleasurable to have drink and chill out, enjoyment, or just because they like the taste.
 I have even come across people you drink alcohol because they think it makes them grown up. Everyone’s reasons for drinking is different but the most important aspect of this is what are the side affects it gives you?
 So Just What Does Alcohol Do To Me?
 Alcohol helps most people feel relaxed and confident, sometimes people become funny after they have had a beer or two, and I’ve meet some people who even think they become more attractive. (I wish, yes it’s the beer talking).
 There is a dark side to alcohol and that’s when you over step the boundaries and you start to lose control with yourself i.e. becoming very physically and verbal towards friends and family. People start becoming distant from you and if this is happening then it’s time to take action with regards to your drinking habits.
 There is plenty of help out there if you need it and I have read everything that is worth reading, because I was once an alcoholic and now I would say I’ve conquer my nemesis and let it lay to rest. Yes it was hard but worth it.
 After years of research and trying different methods I have only come across a hand full of sites which actually do work and the one which stands out from the rest is stopdrinkingadvice.org – So if your unhappy about your drinking habits or looking for free information on how to stop drinking, please give this website a try it will properly be the best thing you have ever done.

Stop Drinking Alcohol Now

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