Alcohol Linked to Cancer in Women

StopA recent study involving nearly 1.3 million women has supported evidence that with just moderate alcohol intake the the risk of a several cancers is increased.

Middle-aged women took part in a research survey in breast cancer screening clinics which looked into their alcohol habits, and taking into consideration those habits during the previous seven years.

25% of the women surveyed reported zero alcohol use, and the majority reported admitted to less than three drinks per day. The average alcohol consumption was just one drink a day, so researchers focused on comparing the habits of those who had drunk two or less drinks per week with those who had drunk larger quantities.

It was revealed that for each additional drink on a daily basis would increase the risk of breast, liver and rectal cancer, by research groups at the University of Oxford in England.

Alcohol types consumed made no diffence at all to the results, whether wine, beer or liquor. This concludes with earlier research that alcohol intake was linked to esophageal and oral cancers, but only when smokers consumed alcohol.

The report also revealed that moderate drinkers did have a reduced risk of thyroid cancer, renal cell cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, but that on the whole woman in general, the read alcohol risk is low.

They also found out that about 118 of every 1,000 women develop these cancers in developed countries, but more specifically in connection with alcohol consumption that each extra daily drink would result in 11 breast cancers and four of the other sorts in addition to that data.

In the united kingdom it was revealed that 13 per cent of those cancers had been linked or related to the consumption of alcohol. The conclusion shows overwhelmingly that women are at risk if they consume alcohol, even if it is in moderation.

There are several help groups online that support and advice people who want to stop drinking alcohol. These groups provide the basic guidelines to achieving the goal of an alcohol free life.

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Mohammed ayaz usmana ansari said:

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admin said:

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