May 14, 2008

Alcohol: The Enemy in the Bottle

cup_bottles.jpgIt’s only one drink at a party, right? But there’s nothing wrong with stopping off for a couple beers after work. Sure, a glass or two of wine at night can help you relax. But eventually you can find yourself being the first one to raise your glass and even seek out the situations and occasions where alcohol will be present.

If you find that you are indulging in alcohol more frequently than you used to, it is time to seriously evaluate your drinking patterns. Many times these are the warnings leading up to a full blown addiction to alcohol.

Alcoholism defines itself in many ways. It is a step past simply wanting a drink to the compulsive level of needing a drink even when drinking begins to have negative effects. These effects can be health related, strained and tension filled relationships with friends and family, poor job performance all of which can increase the desire for drinking.

The builds a tolerance pushing you to higher levels of consumption to reach that “high” that alcohol can give. This in turn leads to the search for more alcohol sources and worrying about the ability to obtain that next drink. If you have to turn to a bottle to even feel and function ‘normally,’ then you are probably past the point of indulgence and have developed a dependency and addiction to alcohol.

Alcohol: the Slow, Relentless Killer

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