July 18, 2008

Alcohol Under Fire

MedicationWhen you hear people talk about the subject of alcohol it is normally regarding it’s negative aspects and it appears that alcohol is one of the leading causes of death in today’s society.

It is an unhealthy habit whether consumed in small or large quantities, but although governments do try and protect us to a certain degree, they just don’t seem capable of taking drastic measures.

Maybe they have to take into consideration the large wealth accrued through alcohol duty, but they certainly do not put our health first even though the damming evidence is on the table.

The rate that alcohol has spread through our society is quite alarming really and long gone are the days that somebody could only purchase liquor in a liquor store and be seen leaving with their purchase discretely in a brown paper bag.

Today alcohol is available in any store, club, hotel or sporting event and in certain countries you can now see kids out drinking in the street and they don’t bother about hiding it in a brown paper bag. It is quite sad how society depends more and more on alcohol and unfortunately the consumers are getting younger and younger every day.

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome - Are You a Sufferer?

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