September 17, 2010

Alcoholics Anonymous – The SOS To Stop Drinking

StopThe first step towards the resolution of any problem lies in recognizing that there is a problem. This is particularly true of alcoholics. They are usually in denial of their condition, and getting them to admit that they have a problem is the first big step. The Alcoholics Anonymous is a network of people who come to the aid of alcoholics who are trying to quit drinking. It is of immense help because its members are themselves alcoholics trying to quit the habit.

They endeavor to help each other by sharing experiences, and give each other advice and inspiration. There is no membership fee, the only criterion being the desire to quit drinking. The organization is supported by contributions of its members and is not in any way allied with any sect, organization, institution or politics. The main reason for the existence of Alcoholics Anonymous is the desire of its members to stay sober.

The people of Alcoholics Anonymous are aware of the fact that they have a problem in so far as staying sober in the day to day life is concerned. They realize that in order for them to avoid catastrophic consequences for themselves they need to stop drinking themselves to oblivion. They operate through local groups in thousands of communities in over 150 countries worldwide who render yeomen service in curbing the menace of alcoholism.

In Alcoholics Anonymous or AA parlance alcoholism is described as a physical compulsion coupled with a mental obsession. What that means is that alcoholics consume alcohol in excess of what is good for them, have no sense of restraint when it comes to consuming alcohol, and in fact need help in get the problem under control.

An alcoholic goes through some horrendous moments in his life, when he sees the very foundations of everything he holds dear like his family, his friends, his job, his hobbles , his talents begin to crumble right before his eyes. How he deals with situation will often determine whether he will extricate himself from this mess. Here is where the Alcoholics Anonymous network can give him invaluable support as it has in its ranks people who have undergone similar troubles and successfully overcome them.

An important mantra observed by AA members is the importance achieved to firstly achieving sobriety and secondly staying that way. The best way to do this is by observing members who have successfully achieved this goal, and following in their footsteps.

The reason behind AA‚??s success in weaning off people from alcohol is the fact that there are no grandiose plans made to stay away from alcohol forever. Instead members are encouraged to stay sober twenty four hours at a time. If there is an urge to drink, one tries to postpone satiation till the next day. This way one attempts to stay away from liquor and sober for the longest period of time.

What alcoholics have to recognize is the fact that they will always remain alcoholics no matter how long they have been without a drink, which means that they cannot ever again take the chance of drinking normally or socially. Therefore one is encouraged to stay in the state of sobriety and be happy at that achievement.

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