November 26, 2008

Alcoholism – A Progressive Disease

Progressive What aggravates the problem is the progressive nature of the disease. In the early stages of the ‚??mental obsession‚?Ě having one or two drinks may be all that is needed to get the “song” to stop. Soon it will take six or seven drinks and then later possibly ten or twelve. It comes to a point when the only time the song stops is when he passes out.

The progression of the disease is so slow that even the alcoholic himself can, at times, fail to recognize the point at which he loses control and alcohol takes over his life.

It can‚??t be any wonder that denial is a common symptom of the illness. For those that do recognize there is a problem help can be as close as the white pages of the telephone directory. Unfortunately there are those who need help however they do all they can to resist it, for these people intervention may be the only alternative.

Links between Breast Cancer and Binge Drinking

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