October 23, 2007

Alcoholism Disease

TCADA has recently opened and funded the Prevention Resource Center for Region 8. The resource center serves 27 counties by providing training, resources, and education in the area of chemical dependency and substance abuse.
Prevention services generally are directed toward children in elementary grades where resiliency skills are developed; however services should also include the elderly and pre-school age children
Best practices indicate the prevention model for school age children which is most effective includes components involving parents, school officials and family members.

San Antonio Council on Alcoholism (SACADA)
Prevention Project HART is a 12-week program involving elementary school age children, family members, teachers, and counselors.
This project utilizes a group format composed of 8 to 10 members who meet once per week.
Education modules include life skills training, and art therapy, and are designed to strengthen community responsibility and citizenship.

Families and Schools Together (FAST Program) is a prevention program sponsored by Family Services Association

FAST utilizes an 8-week program based in 15 elementary schools of three school districts in San Antonio.
This program is a collaborative endeavor between school officials, parents, and Family Services Association staff.
The research-based curriculum has produced a 90% completion rate among the 12 to 13 families each school serves per program cycle.
The FAST program has a strong evaluation component with a 2-year follow-up.
The curriculum focuses on building skills in the areas of communication, family rituals, family values, and substance abuse prevention. Participants are also provided with counseling if needed.


In addition to private hospitals, the major providers of substance abuse treatment in Bexar County are Alamo Rehabilitation Center (ARC), The Patrician Movement, Alpha Home, Palmer Drug Abuse Program, Treatment Associates and the Bexar County Treatment Facility. The Palmer Drug Abuse Program and Treatment Associates are outpatient treatment providers; the other agencies have both inpatient and outpatient treatment services

Most of the funding for treatment in Bexar County is provided by either TCADA or the Criminal Justice System.
Treatment providers in attendance concurred that treatment begins with a commitment to total abstinence from mood altering substances.
In Bexar County in 1997, 2000 drug and alcohol assessments were completed for probation and parole. Of these, 70% were assessed as alcohol dependent.

Of those individuals receiving treatment in Bexar County, 70% are referred by either probation or parole.
Treatment for adolescents in Bexar County is non-existent.

Funding for treatment needs to be increased. Presently, Bexar County does not provide any funding dollars for substance abuse treatment.
In San Antonio, there are an inadequate number of beds for detoxification.


Getting into Alcohol Recovery

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