April 21, 2008

Alcoholism – What Is The Social Impact?

Alcoholism has a catastrophic impact on society. No man is an island, and an alcoholic will always have an impact on those around him. Being a victim of alcoholism has serious consequences. The effects of being constantly drunk will make an alcoholic suffer at work which can result in losing his job. The financial implications of this will alter his life. He may lose his house, and because of his addiction to alcohol he will find getting another job impossible. Drinking excessively can reduce judgment. An alcoholic will behave inappropriately often leading to criminal charges such as public disorder and driving under the influence. This negative behavior will drive away those closest to an alcoholic, such as family and friends, contributing to marital conflict and potentially divorce. The altered behavior can damage the alcoholic’s children’s development leaving deep emotional scars.

Drinking and Driving

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