March 6, 2009

Avoid Having Alcoholic Kids

StopIn today’s society it is so important that children are taught the dangers that both drugs and alcohol can present to their lives. Parents need to get more involved with educating their children and make them understand that Alcohol isn’t all it is made out to be and that it is a serious threat to our health.

Get the facts first and you will find the Internet a very useful learning tool, as it is basically the largest Library in the world and there are several excellent online guides to the affects of alcohol on both our health and our lives.

It is always a good idea to teach them early as they are about to become teenagers and before other kids start to give them the wrong ideas about alcohol. Give this total parent backing, so Mum and Dad should be giving the same advice on just how alcohol can ruin the rest of their lives if they get into this bad habit at a young age.

Make it a relaxing affair and make sure you let them participate too, just so you know what they have been learning from other children. It must be made clear that alcohol is a drug and therefore it is addictive, meaning just one glass of beer could be the cause to a young child becoming an alcoholic.

It must be made perfectly clear too that they should never accept alcohol or drugs from anyone at school, and that such eventualities should be reported to you. That though will require a bond of trust with your children, so make sure they realize that you really do trust them and then they will find it easier to confide in you.

Student surveys reveal that when parents are prepared to listen to their child’s feelings or problems, the child is often more likely to stay off drugs or alcohol. If your child has a sudden change in character or in some way not their normal behavior, then seek with drugs and alcohol, seek professional guidance immediately.

Remember the best education is provided through setting a good example, so make sure that you limit your own habits and that alcohol is not accessible at home. The right environment at home is the key for your children future as alcohol or drugs will only end up reversing an exemplary family union.

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