August 25, 2008

Benefits of Quitting

Benefit There are many benefits to be gained be quitting drinking. Letā??s look at just a few:

Quitting improves your physical health. It lowers your risk of developing diseases such as cirrhosis, damage to the pancreas, heart problems, certain cancers, sexual problems, and other conditions. The more you work towards quitting drinking the closer you will get to a healthy body that will increase your ability for a productive and happy life with friends and family.

You will gain a new sense of self. You will begin to see yourself as a valuable person who is worthy of your own love and the love of others. This outlook will bring you emotionally closer to those around you giving your live meaningā?¦and thatā??s what life is all about.

You will have more money in your pocket. Imagine all of the things you can do and places you can go by saving the money once spent on alcohol toward something better for you.

Your appetite will return, as will your muscle tone and health. You also will lose weight by eliminating the high fat content of alcohol.

Gain more time for yourself, not alcohol. If you drink just around the house five nights a week to the point of having three hours or so of unproductive thinking you will lose a full month off your life each year alone! Thatā??s quite a bit of wasted time that could have been spent on much better things such as reading a book, furthering your education, playing a sport or even starting a business.

Tips to Quit Alcohol

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