November 13, 2009

Best 3 Reasons That Answer Why And How To Quit Drinking

StopNot everybody who drinks alcohol has a problem. Moderate and social drinking is accepted as long as it does not affect your lifestyle physically or mentally. However, considering the impact that alcohol can have on your family, friends and yourself – even your unborn child – think twice before you lift that third glass of scotch, wine or any other alcohol – And be alert for any information that helps show how to quit drinking.

Alcohol can affect your fertility

Research shows that consumption of alcohol can affect the fertility of both men and women even if it is frequent, moderate drinking. While most people feel that alcohol lets them loosen up and feel free and uninhibited on the bed, on the contrary, alcohol can create a condition called gynecomastia which actually reduces a manâ??s sexual interests over a period of time. Also, increased and frequent consumption of alcohol can lessen the density of sperm within a man. Along with the lowered sperm count, some men can also experience other complications related to the sperm leading to infertility. Alcohol is also known to lower the levels of T-serum which is another common cause of infertility.

Alcoholism among women can cause disorders like amenorrhea and reduced ovary count or no ovulation thus leading to infertility. Women who are trying to conceive should seriously consider giving up alcohol. Alcoholic women who become pregnant or women who continue drinking during pregnancy have a higher risk of spontaneous abortion, still birth and premature birth. Alcohol can also impair the growth and development of the fetus. Also, most alcoholic mothers face the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome which is characterized by deficient growth – physically and mentally, brain anomalies and heart defects.

Alcohol can reduce the longevity of your life

While alcohol by itself is harmful to health, it can also cause other serious disorders which put the alcoholic on high risk or life threatening conditions. Incessant drinking is known to cause cardiovascular diseases such as cardiomyopathy, strokes and cardiac arrhythmia. Alcoholics can also develop high blood pressure. Some of them put in a lot of weight, thus leading to obesity. Try giving up alcohol if you are suffering from diabetes, high level of triglycerides, high blood pressure, obesity or any heart disorders. Recent research states that drinking a certain amount of alcohol every day can reduce heart disease risks but this does not sufficient justification for consuming alcohol.

Alcohol can affect your family, friends and even unknown people

A person under the influence of alcohol not only has an impaired judgment but also becomes aggressive thus leading to domestic violence, child abuse & incest. This will only cause grief to the alcoholicâ??s family and friends. Alcoholism or drunken driving is the biggest reason of several accidents leading to loss of other innocent lives. Education needs to come first with alcohol as it does in every social issue that holds back society, so let’s start to educate people who desperately need to know how to quit drinking, as that need is surely present all around us and should be dealt with accordingly…

How To Quit Drinking

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Need To Know How to Quit Drinking?

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