September 11, 2008

Brain Damage and Alcohol Abuse

MRI Scans Brain imaging studies have proven that long term alcohol abuse can physically shrink the parts of the brain that control learning and memory. This shrinkage is greatest in the cortex of the frontal lobe which is the center of higher intellectual functions and naturally this shrinkage will grow with age and continued alcohol use. The first noticeable sign of damage from alcohol is short-term memory loss.

Periodic imagining in alcoholics over a five year span showed the brain shrinkage steadily progressed throughout the study. The level of brain shrinkage was directly related to the amount of alcohol consumed and the results were far above anything in the normal range of brain loss.

Alcohol related brain damage can occur in any alcoholic that consumes large amount of alcohol over a long period of time. The extent of the damage is dependant on the system of the drinker, the type and amount of alcohol consumed and the accompanying diet of the drinker.

Stop Drinking Alcohol Or It Will Stop You

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