June 2, 2008

Choose To Be Happy

HappyHappiness is a lifestyle choice. You may think that you are the victim of circumstance, that you have no control over how happy you feel. You’re wrong.

Being happy is about choosing an outlook. An optimistic outlook will protect you from the stress and strains of life. Being happy is about accepting your situation. No matter how bad your life seems right now you can take comfort in the knowledge that life is constantly changing. You cannot be miserable forever. Having an outlook like this is actually beneficial for your health. Stress is a major contributing factor in cases of heart disease and cancer.

Having positive relationships with people around you will promote your happiness. Accept people’s flaws as nobody is perfect. Acceptance will get rid a lot of the conflict in your life. Consider what really matters in the greater scheme of things, and approach your life with a perspective founded in humility.

Being grateful for what you’ve got is a great outlook to have. After all you have so much to be thankful for. People take so much for granted, but everything is lavished on us today.

Think about what influences your mood. Television brings drama and conflict into our lives because it is emotionally stimulating. But this may negatively affect your feelings, so limit what you watch. By reducing the amount of time you spend absorbing stressful news, you will give your mind space to adjust to being content.

This will also give you more time to spend constructively for instance on working hard. Setting goals and achieving them will give you a great sense of satisfaction.


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