December 8, 2007

Concerned Over Your Drinking Habits

There are ways to recognize people who have alcohol problems. If you are concerned about your drinking habits or those of someone close to you, here are a few ways to determine if alcohol is indeed a problem: If you are a woman who has more than seven drinks a week or more than three drinks at a party, bar or celebration, you may be drinking too much. The same is true for a man who has more than 14 drinks a week or more than four drinks at a party, bar or celebration. For those over 65, more than seven drinks a week or three drinks per occasion could mean you are drinking too much. Think that you or a loved one or friend may be in the drinking heavily category? If you are a woman who is drinking more than three drinks every day or 21 drinks per week, the answer is, “yes.” Men who consume more than five drinks a day or thirty-five a week also fit into the drinking heavily category.

Economic factors greatly affect a person’s drinking patterns. High profiled businessmen drink at their exclusive men’s club. Suburban dwellers drink at home parties with friends, family and neighbors. There are those who drink at local taverns. Even culture affects a person’s predisposition to alcoholism. Studies show that the Irish and the Poles are among the cultural group with the highest incidence rate of alcoholism in the United States. The Italians, Greeks and Jews on the other hand show the least number of alcoholics despite their heavy alcohol consumption. People in specific work groups have also shown high incidences of alcoholism. These include bartenders, night-club operators, liquor salesmen and seamen. The list of people who have been lured by alcohol can go on and every year the number is rising. It is your responsibility to say no and not become part of the statistics. Personal discipline and awareness can be your guiding rule. Countless homes and happy families have been ruined by irresponsible drinking. Alcoholism has taken so many successful careers, happy marriages and promising futures. Alcoholism at its worst has taken great many lives most often innocent ones.

Drunk Driving and The Victims

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