December 22, 2008

Coping Skills to Stay Sober

Say NO.1 Donâ??t forget that it’s o.k. to simply say, “No thank you,â? when you are offered a drink. If youâ??re questioned merely say that you don’t drink, or that you don’t feel like drinking just then.

2. Attempt to stay away from situations that might lead to being pressured to drink. Visiting a bar with your drinking buddies might not be the best place to work on your resolve to quit drinking.

Hang out with those who support your decision. Surround yourself with sympathetic people who care about you, your health, and your resolve to quit drinking.

4. Be kind to yourself. Make peace inside yourself regarding your decision to quit. Donâ??t let uncertainty take over your thoughts regarding your ability to stay sober. You are in control of the decision and nobody else. Tim Kizer, who has been sober for over 7 years quips, “quitting drinking is the easy part, it’s the staying quit that is the key.”

Donâ??t simply take it one day at a time. You must take it one moment at a time. The decision whether to drink or not drink is made in a momentâ??s time. When faced with that question, make the decision to stay healthy and sober.

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