January 21, 2008

Do I Have A Problem With Alcohol

Do I have a problem with Alcohol? This really is a very simple and straight forward question you should be asking yourself, but would someone really know if they have a serious drinking problem?

Well the simple answer is NO the majority of people around the world who have a serious alcohol drinking problem are unaware of it. They seem to have the blinkers on and are only really interested in seeing what’s in front of them instead of stepping outside there box. People like this rarely admit that alcohol is a part of there life.

So how would know for sure that you have a drinking problem? You need to start taking steps and asking yourself some serious questions about your behavior. You might think diagnosing any illness like drinking is simple, and it is if you follow the right process like diagnosing anything else.

Below are 11 questions which you should be asking yourself. If by any chance these might apply to yourself then you need to take further action, and start treating your alcohol problem today!

1 – When I drinking alcohol does it cause problems?

2 – I’m I always looking for more alcohol once I’ve exceed my limit?

3 – Have tried quitting alcohol before?

4 – Do I try and hide alcohol in or around the house?

5 – When I get drunk do I always forget what I’ve done?

6 – When I’m drinking does my personality change and I become a different person?

7 – When I’m drunk do I become frightening or get angry with other people?

8 – When you’re in a sad mood, or you’re alone are you always looking for the bottle?

9 – Do you fall out with the people around you, like family and friends when you’ve been drinking?

10 – Does your health suffer from drinking to much alcohol?

11 – Have you ever thought how much your life would change for the better if you stopped drinking?

Okay now you have read and answered all the questions openly and honestly, how many did you say "Yes" to? If you have answered yes to at least 3 or more of the above questions then you need to seek help.

Most people who seek help for there alcohol addiction does either quit drinking altogether or drink on a very rare occasion.

I Just Couldn't Stop Drinking Alcohol

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