July 5, 2007

Do You Have An Alcohol Problem?

Perhaps you have reached a point in your life at which you are worried about your drinking. The reality is that if you have found yourself concerned about your drinking, you probably at least have a drinking problem and you may be an alcoholic. The mere fact that you are questioning your drinking habits in and of itself generally is a solid alcoholism test, a sufficient basis for you to seek some sort of appropriate assistance in regard to your drinking (or in regard to your potential alcoholism) before the situation becomes even worse.

Beyond what might best be called the "concerned alcoholism test," there are in fact solid alcoholism test options that can assist you in making a more thorough inventory to determine if you might indeed have an alcohol problem or to find out if you are an alcoholic. Of course, no alcoholism test is 100% accurate. Nonetheless, an alcoholism test can provide a basic guide as to whether you have an alcohol problem or whether you might be an alcoholic.

Generally speaking, an alcoholism test includes a set of questions that are designed to determine whether a problem with drinking exists, whether a person might be afflicted with the disease of alcoholism. Typical alcoholism test questions are:

* Have you not gone to work after or because of drinking?

* Have you avoided friends and family because of your drinking?

The standard alcoholism test has a series of twelve to twenty such questions of this nature. The fact is that most experts agree that when a person answers "yes" to even one question in such an alcoholism test, that person likely does have a drinking problem and very well may be afflicted with the disease of alcoholism.

As was noted previously, no alcoholism test is foolproof; no alcoholism test is an absolute indicator of the presence of alcoholism or a drinking problem. Nonetheless, depending on the results of a alcoholism test, an individual should consider seriously obtaining a consultation with an alcohol treatment specialist sooner rather than later.


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