March 13, 2007

Drink Driving Quote

I used to be a drunk driver, and yes, I drank and drove even after my licence was suspended for a DUI. The reason I drove drunk so many times was because it was fun. When a person is drunk they do not have the ability to make a decision based on anything other than "will this be fun or not?" The reason I quit drinking was because I knew I could not stop myself from driving drunk. I gave up my love and passion for alcohol to make the roads safer because I was terrified I was going to kill someone. I don’t miss the alcohol at all, and I don’t miss the feeling every morning waking up thinking I could have killed someone the night before.

Killing someone whether you intend to or not is an antisocial act, drinking is antisocial behavior (even if you are only a so-called ‘social drinker’), so killing people with your car because you are drunk is very antisocial (it’s almost like strapping a bomb to your chest and detonating it in a public place).

Think people who are caught drinking and driving should be thrown in jail until they die, because there is no other way to stop them. I was fortunate to be able to see how my behavior was affecting society and to be able to make the decision to stop (and follow through with it). I have been sober almost a year and the most terrifying thing in my life is driving home from work every night at midnight and being so scared that the person driving toward me in the other lane is hammered that I practically pull over and stop.

 - Charity Haggett

Alcohol and Why it's a Recipe For Disaster

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